Sunday, 29 May 2011

Girly Girls' Festival Guide- Part 2!

Part 2

Festival Make-up

This was going to be part 3 but part 2 (style) is already typed out on my computer at work and I can't email it to myself til Tuesday now so I've changed the order

Ok, so you've probably seen all the amazing festival style special editions of the magazines now, they are popping full of inspiration for crazy looks so by all means, remember to check out some mags

In the meantime here is my essential festival make up kit

ELF tinted moisturizer SPF 15
MAC studio finish concealer SPF 15
17 Instant Glow highlight & bronzing powder
ELF all over colour sticks in pink lemonade and toasted
NIVEA Sun lipbalm
Barry M assorted kohl pencils in bright colours
ELF lipstain
Your usual eyelash glue
L'oreal telescopic waterproof mascara

The reason I've uncharacteristically suggested cheaper than chips brands is that there is a high possibility that your make up bag will get

All 3 of those things have happened to people I know. The first 2 have happened to me too!

I've suggested MAC concealer because I can't think of any other product that will suffice to cover your dark circles after 24 hours awake!
Although I think the ELF all over cover sticks are good to take as well if you are on a serious budget.

You'll see a lot of girls wearing crazy eyelashes and it is best to buy them at the festival.
If you sit round a campfire with your new falsies on they melt and start to fall off, and you may well forget to take them off when you fall asleep which will render them bent and useless which you do not want happening to your favourite Illamasqua birthday lashes!
Bring your own eyelash glue though because we all know the glue that comes in random packets of lashes doesn't tend to work! Also you might decide to buy some glitter as well and you can use your glue to stick to yourself.

The mascara you bring has to be waterproof, I recommend L'oreal telescopic waterproof because it has served me well at past festivals and it cannot be removed for love, money or mud slinging.

Lip Balm is essential but be aware that if it hasn’t got an SPF, the shiny-ness of it will actually increase the likelihood of your lips getting sunburnt

I hope you enjoyed my second edition of the Festival tips for girls series!

Share your festival make up tips in the comments!

Stay tuned for Part 3: style and I may even do a festival inspired look too :)

*all photo here are of me, my friend's arm, and my stuff. Just so you know

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  1. love this guide, will take a lot into account for festival seasons :) xxxx following xxxx


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