Thursday, 19 May 2011

Girly Girls Festival Guide part 1

I’m not sure if I’ll be going to any this year, but I have been to a few festivals in my time and I thought I’d write a girls’ guide in 3 parts.

Part 1 (now)- preparation and checklist

Part 2 (next week)- Style and clothes packing

Part 3 (week after)- Make-up of course

Writing this has really got me in the festival mood so I am now begging my friends, family, boyfriend to go to one with me!

Some things you may be wondering about if you haven't been camping at a festival before:


There tends to be lots of choice nowadays including veggie and vegan food stalls, healthy soup and smoothie stands, barbecues, salad bars, sweet shops, burgers.. whatever food you’re into, you will probably find it!

It is expensive to eat there the whole time and for that reason I have taken a camping stove several times and dehydrated food to cook on it.

Whilst that saved A LOT of money, it was a total pain to wash up the saucepan with limited access to running water(!) and going back to the campsite twice a day to cook food.

Also it took up way too much space in the luggage department which you could do without.

You’ll have a better time if you factor in the price of food and buy from the stalls but, as I said, it is very expensive


As I think my photos here show, it isn't all about the music. Although, if you hate noise in general, seriously don't go! There are lots of interesting things to see and do and the atmosphere is generally quite nice even if you're not a fan of the bands.


Of course this is very personal!

I don’t want to go into massive detail but see the checklist notes for references to the toilets. Day one, they will be fine, but after the first night you don’t want to go in there in your flip flops. What you’d imagine to be in the bottom of a septic tank will be all over the floor.

Some festivals have showers but in my experience they do tend to be

a) communal, and b) expensive

but they are usually available if you want them

I recommend bringing some plastic cups to use when brushing your teeth though, you don’t want to attempt that under the water tap with 200 annoyed people waiting behind you looking on!

This will be covered in upcoming posts!





Mini toothpaste

Plastic cups

Baby wipes- useful in general or to do a quick wash or take make up off

Anti septic wipes- for the toilets!

Tissue mini multi packs- there will be no toilet roll and you will get mugged for it if you’re seen carrying one toward the toilet queue!

Sun screen


Cross-body bag- needs to fit your sunscreen, sunnies, wallet, phone, tissues, wipes and water plastic bottle- you can refill this but don’t bring a huge one as the water will get warm and you won’t drink it after day 1

Watch- you might have no phone battery and need to know when your bands are about to play!

Bikini- I have been to festivals in the UK where it got so hot this was all you could wear.

Hair ties

Head scarf- You can use this to sit on too if you don’t want to get grass print on your legs!

Dry Shampoo


Flip flops/flat shoes

Wellies- you’ll need these to go into the toilet cubicles or to the tap- even if it doesn’t rain

Socks- if you wear wellies barefoot you will cut your feet to shreds in the first step, their inner material is very abrasive

TENT- kind of essential if camping

Sleeping bag- however hard you think you are, the floor is not comfy.

Money- cash machine queues are huuuge and charge heftily for withdrawals, just keep your cash close to you at all times!

Torch- will help immensely to find your tent without tripping over other people’s guide lines (ouch!) and also you do not wanna go in a toilet in the dark at a festival

Camera- don’t rinse your phone battery taking photos, you can’t charge it and you might need to phone your friends if you get lost!


Before you go be sure to:

Shower thoroughly and wash your hair
deep condition your hair
DIY facial
Wax/epilate- don't try and shave your legs in a tent, it's just not nice :(

These should set ou up for up to 5 days of no showering and skincare!
Don't forget your moisturiser if you have dry skin, just because you are in a feild doesn't mean your skin is also on holiday

Likewise if you have any medical conditions, take your insulin/inhaler/epipen/antihistermines/ointments... you don't need me to tell you that though...

Would love to hear if any of you have festival plans yet
And help me fill in any essentials that I've missed in the comments!!


  1. Thanks a lot for this guide! I'm looking forward to part 2&3. I'm going to Rock am Ring in about two weeks! :-) This is my first time camping at a festival. I've been to several but they were always in close proximity to my parents or friends where I had a bath/bed/kitchen/comfort.

  2. This is a great idea for a post :) Just as a point though - not all festivals let you take camp stoves or things like that because of fire risks! I've been to T in the Park 3 times and i know they don't!

    Also my top tip for surviving the toilets - wear a light scarf or pashmina sprayed with perfume so you can cover your face! It's saved me so many times and my boyfriend has borrowed it too :D


  3. @Chester - thanks, glad you're enjoying it! I've never been to a festival in Europe- would love to know how you get on :) I hope it's not as dirty as the UK ones! X

    @Shivvy- thanks for pointing that out, I should do an amendment to day check the rules for your specific event because they vary over a few issues like this. Thanks for the pashmina tip too! X

  4. Really useful guide! Where are you going this year? I'd love to go to Glasto, but I think I'll postpone it for 2012. ;) X

  5. @mademoiselle lala- thank you :) I really fancy going to Latitude in Suffolk but am yet to convince my friends so far! x


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