Monday, 2 May 2011

April Favourites

Monthly favourites time

I can't believe it is 2nd of May already and I'm back to work tomorrow- booo!

Here's what I've been reaching for last month:

Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation
My shade is 54.
I was uncontrollably disappointed to find out that my Laura Mercier foundation ran out after 6 weeks (£41 for 6 weeks usage- go figure?) so as it wasn't financially viable to purchase another high end product in such a short time frame I plumped for this Bourjois number.

I've heard soo much good press from the blogging community on Healthy Mix and it is so justified, I love this foundation!

It gives a dewy, glowing finish, is medium-high coverage I would say and it lasts well.

I've heard Healthy Mix foundation compared to Chanel Vita Lumiere, and although Chanel and Bourjois are owned by the same company, so maybe there are similarities in manufacture, who knows- I have since purchased Vita Lumiere and I don't think they are similar at all.

Sleek Paraguaya palette and Pan Tao blush
The Avoir la peche Sleek collection has been covered to death so I'll be brief.
We all know that Pan Tao blush is a lovely peach colour which lights up the face and the packaging is gorgeous.
The paraguaya palette is my favourite Sleek palette to date and I haven't tired of creating coral looks with it, I'm looking forward to using it as Spring/Summer continues too!

MAC Pro Longwear concealer NW25

I really thought me and MAC studio finish concealer would never be parted as far as my under-eye area was concerned.
Then came pro longwear.
It brightens, it lasts all day and it doesn't crease At All. which for me is nothing short of a miracle
I haven't even used my Studio Finish concealer since I got this!
I seriously can't believe I ever even used it so much now- it is nothing compared to Pro Longwear.
I will say that pro longwear seems to run dark in shade compared to the rest of the concealer line so you may need a shade down from your usual.

17 Mirror Shine lipstick in Nudist Peach

I have worn this almost every day this month, I really like it with the corally eye looks I've been doing and it's just a great sheer nude too.
I've got quite a few of the Mirror Sine lipsticks (belle, hollywood, beehive, nudist peach) and this is my favourite one. It's very sheer as the whole range is and they make your lips look fuller too.

Clinique bottom lash mascara

This is another product that's been blogged to death but it really does frame the eyes better than any normal or home-made altered mascara ever did.
I got this in February I think and kind of forgot about it, then when I had a blister on my upper lash line I had a renewed interest in my bottom lashes as I couldn't wear mascara on top, and my love for this was re-kindled-
I've been wearing it every day since

Link me to your monthly favourites!


  1. love your faves.. that sleek blush screams buy me :D

  2. Great post, I'm definitely going to have to get the sleek blush, the colour looks perfect for summer!

  3. I also love bourjois health mix specially now the weather is more hot.

  4. @Dyna & @Real Simple Beauty- thanks hunnies, Pan Tao blush is a lovely one

    @beauty shades- it is so perfect for Summer, you're right!


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