Sunday, 29 May 2011

Girly Girls' Festival Guide- Part 2!

Part 2

Festival Make-up

This was going to be part 3 but part 2 (style) is already typed out on my computer at work and I can't email it to myself til Tuesday now so I've changed the order

Ok, so you've probably seen all the amazing festival style special editions of the magazines now, they are popping full of inspiration for crazy looks so by all means, remember to check out some mags

In the meantime here is my essential festival make up kit

ELF tinted moisturizer SPF 15
MAC studio finish concealer SPF 15
17 Instant Glow highlight & bronzing powder
ELF all over colour sticks in pink lemonade and toasted
NIVEA Sun lipbalm
Barry M assorted kohl pencils in bright colours
ELF lipstain
Your usual eyelash glue
L'oreal telescopic waterproof mascara

The reason I've uncharacteristically suggested cheaper than chips brands is that there is a high possibility that your make up bag will get

All 3 of those things have happened to people I know. The first 2 have happened to me too!

I've suggested MAC concealer because I can't think of any other product that will suffice to cover your dark circles after 24 hours awake!
Although I think the ELF all over cover sticks are good to take as well if you are on a serious budget.

You'll see a lot of girls wearing crazy eyelashes and it is best to buy them at the festival.
If you sit round a campfire with your new falsies on they melt and start to fall off, and you may well forget to take them off when you fall asleep which will render them bent and useless which you do not want happening to your favourite Illamasqua birthday lashes!
Bring your own eyelash glue though because we all know the glue that comes in random packets of lashes doesn't tend to work! Also you might decide to buy some glitter as well and you can use your glue to stick to yourself.

The mascara you bring has to be waterproof, I recommend L'oreal telescopic waterproof because it has served me well at past festivals and it cannot be removed for love, money or mud slinging.

Lip Balm is essential but be aware that if it hasn’t got an SPF, the shiny-ness of it will actually increase the likelihood of your lips getting sunburnt

I hope you enjoyed my second edition of the Festival tips for girls series!

Share your festival make up tips in the comments!

Stay tuned for Part 3: style and I may even do a festival inspired look too :)

*all photo here are of me, my friend's arm, and my stuff. Just so you know

Thursday, 26 May 2011

No 7 Sundowner Nails

Now, as you may already know if you read my blog regularly, No 7 isn't exactly one of my favourite brands, at all really.

However when I saw Liloo's post on the 2 new nail polishes from the summer Sundowner collection I knew I had to give them a try

It was recommended to use the polishes over a nude base as they are a bit on the sheer side, and after applying 3 coats of each polish and waiting about 5 hours for it to dry, I can see why!

I tried Golden Palms and Sulty Sands over a lot of differet nudes as base, but as long as I had a coloured base on, they seemed to stay put and dry properly

Golden Palms

Sultry Sands

Both colours are much more gold than I imagined when I saw the initial No 7 promo images, but I still think they are great Summer colours.

I've been wearing Golden Palm this whole week and it has lasted until today which is unheard of for my nails so I'm pretty happy with the longevity of these.

Have you got anything from Sundowner collection- is there anything you think might change my mind about No 7?

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

100 Follower Giveaway! ***CLOSED!***

It's giveaway time!

Thanks for all your entries, the giveaway is now closed and the winner will be announced later this week when I've had time to count the entries accurately!

I'm so happy to have reached 100 followers, thank you all so, so much. it means a lot to me

It's been a bit of a long road, I nearly got here a year ago before I stopped blogging for 8 months when I changed jobs- the followers fell away so if you've been following me since the beginning then you are really amazing to me!

On to the prizes!

Butter London nail polish in All Hail The Queen

L'oreal colour riche lipstick in Blush In Nude

Urban Decay loose pigment in 'X'

1) be a follower of this blog
2) leave a comment saying enter me or something along those lines
3) for an extra entry put a link to this post in your sidebar, and/or tweet a link to this post So for 1 entry: write enter me, for extra entries mention your Twitter name if you've tweeted or your blogger name if you've put the link in your sidebar 4) I will pick the winner using in 2 weeks
5) this giveaway is open internationally!

I'm a bit novice at giveaways so let me know if you think I've missed out an important detail :) Love to you all

Sunday, 22 May 2011

FOTD- Mandorla Breeze

The FOTD names is because Mandorla= Dolce & Gabbana lipstick on my face, the breeze is because of the state of my hair thanks to the wind in this City today!

Also I hate my iPhone camera with a passion but since my boyfriend was out when I did these photos I didn't have his amazing HTC high-def camera phone!
The iPhone makes my face look much lighter and also somehow casts weird colours over my face but hey. ho, we'll power through. I am much overdue a FOTD

This ring my little bro got me yesterday from the market (in exchange for me buying his lunch, I might add- he ain't that generous) was a bit of inspiration to wear my MAC undercurrent teal eyeliner, not that you can really see it as my camera has bleached it out

Also I am wearing the awesome D&G lipstick in Mandorla- it i just lovely.
The packaging is so luxe and you can really feel the quality on your lips. Sounds ridiculous but it seriously does feel sooo nice!

Anyway, dodgy phtography aside,

Chanel Vitalumiere foundation 30
MAC pro longwear concealer NW25
MAC gilty bronze bronzing stick (from Surf Baby collection)
MAC well dressed blush


17 eyeshadow trio in the nude
MAC fluidline blacktrack
MAC pearlglide undercurrent
L'oreal volume million mascara extra black


Dolce & Gabbana Mandorla lipstick

Hope you've all had a great weekend

Let me know if you have any iPhone camera tips!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Girly Girls Festival Guide part 1

I’m not sure if I’ll be going to any this year, but I have been to a few festivals in my time and I thought I’d write a girls’ guide in 3 parts.

Part 1 (now)- preparation and checklist

Part 2 (next week)- Style and clothes packing

Part 3 (week after)- Make-up of course

Writing this has really got me in the festival mood so I am now begging my friends, family, boyfriend to go to one with me!

Some things you may be wondering about if you haven't been camping at a festival before:


There tends to be lots of choice nowadays including veggie and vegan food stalls, healthy soup and smoothie stands, barbecues, salad bars, sweet shops, burgers.. whatever food you’re into, you will probably find it!

It is expensive to eat there the whole time and for that reason I have taken a camping stove several times and dehydrated food to cook on it.

Whilst that saved A LOT of money, it was a total pain to wash up the saucepan with limited access to running water(!) and going back to the campsite twice a day to cook food.

Also it took up way too much space in the luggage department which you could do without.

You’ll have a better time if you factor in the price of food and buy from the stalls but, as I said, it is very expensive


As I think my photos here show, it isn't all about the music. Although, if you hate noise in general, seriously don't go! There are lots of interesting things to see and do and the atmosphere is generally quite nice even if you're not a fan of the bands.


Of course this is very personal!

I don’t want to go into massive detail but see the checklist notes for references to the toilets. Day one, they will be fine, but after the first night you don’t want to go in there in your flip flops. What you’d imagine to be in the bottom of a septic tank will be all over the floor.

Some festivals have showers but in my experience they do tend to be

a) communal, and b) expensive

but they are usually available if you want them

I recommend bringing some plastic cups to use when brushing your teeth though, you don’t want to attempt that under the water tap with 200 annoyed people waiting behind you looking on!

This will be covered in upcoming posts!





Mini toothpaste

Plastic cups

Baby wipes- useful in general or to do a quick wash or take make up off

Anti septic wipes- for the toilets!

Tissue mini multi packs- there will be no toilet roll and you will get mugged for it if you’re seen carrying one toward the toilet queue!

Sun screen


Cross-body bag- needs to fit your sunscreen, sunnies, wallet, phone, tissues, wipes and water plastic bottle- you can refill this but don’t bring a huge one as the water will get warm and you won’t drink it after day 1

Watch- you might have no phone battery and need to know when your bands are about to play!

Bikini- I have been to festivals in the UK where it got so hot this was all you could wear.

Hair ties

Head scarf- You can use this to sit on too if you don’t want to get grass print on your legs!

Dry Shampoo


Flip flops/flat shoes

Wellies- you’ll need these to go into the toilet cubicles or to the tap- even if it doesn’t rain

Socks- if you wear wellies barefoot you will cut your feet to shreds in the first step, their inner material is very abrasive

TENT- kind of essential if camping

Sleeping bag- however hard you think you are, the floor is not comfy.

Money- cash machine queues are huuuge and charge heftily for withdrawals, just keep your cash close to you at all times!

Torch- will help immensely to find your tent without tripping over other people’s guide lines (ouch!) and also you do not wanna go in a toilet in the dark at a festival

Camera- don’t rinse your phone battery taking photos, you can’t charge it and you might need to phone your friends if you get lost!


Before you go be sure to:

Shower thoroughly and wash your hair
deep condition your hair
DIY facial
Wax/epilate- don't try and shave your legs in a tent, it's just not nice :(

These should set ou up for up to 5 days of no showering and skincare!
Don't forget your moisturiser if you have dry skin, just because you are in a feild doesn't mean your skin is also on holiday

Likewise if you have any medical conditions, take your insulin/inhaler/epipen/antihistermines/ointments... you don't need me to tell you that though...

Would love to hear if any of you have festival plans yet
And help me fill in any essentials that I've missed in the comments!!

Thursday, 12 May 2011

MeMeMe Distinctive nail polish

Here's a nail varnish that divides opinion

MeMeMe Distinctive

It's exactly the sort of colour my mother would describe as
'a real s*** colour'

In fact, for research purposes I sent her a picture of my NOTD and asked her thoughts without resorting to bad language and she replied: "pond slime"

But then, she's a woman who likes nothing less than a shimmering burgundy on the nails.
She is an extrordinary nail technician but can be a bit narrow minded when it comes to the taupe colour family

I was going to say you either love it or hate it but I can't really decide how I feel about it...

It's probably more of a khaki than a taupe, indoors it does look like a dirty greige but if I put it next to two iconic greige/taupe's then you can see how green it actually is:

Essie chinichilly and OPI you don't know jacques either side of Distinctive

The brush is a spade shape like the Rimmel 60 second polishes and the application is surprisingly smooth and even.
These polishes aren't the cheapest at £4.99

Speaking of Rimmel polishes, if you're hankering after the MAC LE Ocean Dip nail polish from Surf Baby, I saw it today and it is almost identical to Sky High by Rimmel

That's a weird photo because it looks just blue, but believe me when I say it's pretty close to the MAC one in real life

I only got a bronzing stick from Surf Baby but am very happy with it. Post to come!

What do you think of Distinctive? To far over the ugly/beautiful line or are you liking it?

Monday, 9 May 2011

Gucci Flora Inspired FOTD

I had another beauty inspiration in perfume-ad form:

Gucci Flora

I'm feeling the 70's boho vibe in this ad

It is totally unlike my usual style but that's one of the reasons I was so interested in it

I do look pretty grumpy in the pictures because I used my iPhone camera which is really appalling quality and makes weird light patterns on my face, which was really irritating me whilst I was trying to shoot them...


UD naked & buck (upper lid, inner corner and crease)
UD shag pigment (lid colour)
MAC blacktrack fluidline
MAC chromagraphic pencil NW20 (waterline)
L'oreal dark brown kohl pencil
Rimmel eyebrow pencil
L'oreal volume million mascara extra black


Ruby&Millie foundation
MAC pro longwear concealer NW25
MAC highlight powder golden nectar (as bronzer)
Ruby&Millie natural beige colour duo blush


MAC lipstain marker Sunset (terracotta colour)
17 mirrorshine lipstick nudist peach

That's it really,

what perfume ads have been inspiring you?

Friday, 6 May 2011

The Lipstick Tag

I was tagged by Chester to do this tag, I've seen it on a few blogs now and I really like it so Thanks, Chester!

1. When you were a child, did you use your mother's lipsticks?

Hmm... No I don't think so. I remember her having a particular affection for No 7 Highland Mist lipstick but I never wore it!
Although once when I was about 5 years old on Comic Relief 'red nose day' she did draw on my nose with red lipstick...and advised me to rub noses with other kids...they weren't so sure!

2. How old were you when you bought your first lipstick?

I had a Natural Collection tinted lipbalm in the colour sugarplum at the age of 10 which I insisted on wearing even though it really wasn't flattering
Then bought a Body Shop lipstick trio with some Christmas vouchers at 11. They were dark purple, baby pink and chocolate brown and they were all marbled. Niiice
I know my Mum was very unhappy about that purchase at the time!

3. Pink or red lipstick?

I love both, I suppose I wear pink or nude the most but I think red actually suits me better

4. The most expensive lipstick you have ever bought?

Probably either a YSL Rouge Volupte or Dolce & Gabbana lipstick, both £22-23 each or something like that

5. And the cheapest?

That I still own?- ELf mineral lipstick in barely bitten is £3.50 so I guess that one, although the Sleek true colour lippies I got recently were 2 for £6 so technically were cheaper

6. What's the most bizarre thing you have ever done with a lipstick?

Apart from the aforementioned wearing it on the nose aged 5, I can't think of anything, although the shape of my lipsticks always goes a bit weird so I must apply them in a bizarre way:

7. If you had to recommend a lipstick, which brand would you recommend and why?

I would go for MAC as they have the biggest range of colours and textures. You can't go wrong with MAC!

I would like to tag:

Adorable on your Vanity
Delyteful Speaks
Hungry Caramella
Make Up Savvy

and anyone else of course who wants to do it of course

I highly recommend it, this tag sent me down memory lane on my make-up journey through life!

ps: I don't know what to do about my blog template at the moment, it is a work in progress

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

My Product of the Week

This is about a random blush but I thought Product of the week was a more exciting title...

I love my new blush

L'oreal True match blusher in Sandalwood Rose 120

I know it looks boring and innocuous enough but sometimes the most subtle products can be the best

I've always ignored L'oreal blushes because the colours aren't exactly exciting and the packaging is boring, also they aren't the cheapest compared to other highstreet brands

However it does have a mirror and a brush

I think the compact is actually kind of neat when you open it up like this!
They were displaying this particular shade on top of my local L'oreal counter quite prominently and I noticed what a pretty, soft shade it was.

I have to say the quality is right up there with all reputable brands, the pigment, longevity, application is all top notch.

I've never seen anyone rave about these so thought I'd share that with you anyway!

Do you like any L'oreal products?

Monday, 2 May 2011

April Favourites

Monthly favourites time

I can't believe it is 2nd of May already and I'm back to work tomorrow- booo!

Here's what I've been reaching for last month:

Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation
My shade is 54.
I was uncontrollably disappointed to find out that my Laura Mercier foundation ran out after 6 weeks (£41 for 6 weeks usage- go figure?) so as it wasn't financially viable to purchase another high end product in such a short time frame I plumped for this Bourjois number.

I've heard soo much good press from the blogging community on Healthy Mix and it is so justified, I love this foundation!

It gives a dewy, glowing finish, is medium-high coverage I would say and it lasts well.

I've heard Healthy Mix foundation compared to Chanel Vita Lumiere, and although Chanel and Bourjois are owned by the same company, so maybe there are similarities in manufacture, who knows- I have since purchased Vita Lumiere and I don't think they are similar at all.

Sleek Paraguaya palette and Pan Tao blush
The Avoir la peche Sleek collection has been covered to death so I'll be brief.
We all know that Pan Tao blush is a lovely peach colour which lights up the face and the packaging is gorgeous.
The paraguaya palette is my favourite Sleek palette to date and I haven't tired of creating coral looks with it, I'm looking forward to using it as Spring/Summer continues too!

MAC Pro Longwear concealer NW25

I really thought me and MAC studio finish concealer would never be parted as far as my under-eye area was concerned.
Then came pro longwear.
It brightens, it lasts all day and it doesn't crease At All. which for me is nothing short of a miracle
I haven't even used my Studio Finish concealer since I got this!
I seriously can't believe I ever even used it so much now- it is nothing compared to Pro Longwear.
I will say that pro longwear seems to run dark in shade compared to the rest of the concealer line so you may need a shade down from your usual.

17 Mirror Shine lipstick in Nudist Peach

I have worn this almost every day this month, I really like it with the corally eye looks I've been doing and it's just a great sheer nude too.
I've got quite a few of the Mirror Sine lipsticks (belle, hollywood, beehive, nudist peach) and this is my favourite one. It's very sheer as the whole range is and they make your lips look fuller too.

Clinique bottom lash mascara

This is another product that's been blogged to death but it really does frame the eyes better than any normal or home-made altered mascara ever did.
I got this in February I think and kind of forgot about it, then when I had a blister on my upper lash line I had a renewed interest in my bottom lashes as I couldn't wear mascara on top, and my love for this was re-kindled-
I've been wearing it every day since

Link me to your monthly favourites!