Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Yellow Nail Trend

They call me mellow yellow....
..because I've been wearing loads of yellow nail polish for a week

So I can't get hold of Chanel Mimosa nail polish and whilst that is annoying, I have raided my stash and found that I have a few yellow polishes that I thought I'd share with you

Index Finger:
Barry M pale yellow
Bright, fun-in-the-sun yellow. You all know what Barry M polishes are like so I won't elaborate!

Middle Finger:
Catrice Don't feed the birds!
From what I understand Catrice is a high street brand from Germany (correct me if I'm wrong, please)
I was lucky enough to win this in the lovely Chester's giveaway competition- check her out by the way! she has a seriously impressive MAC eyeshadow collection

Ring Finger:
Zoya Bekka
This was my festival nail polish of choice a few years back and I have fond memories for that reason!
It looks sort of lime green next to the other yellows, but actually it's extremely bright, fluro yellow with shimmer. It's bold, indeed but I like it

Little Finger:
17 sherbet lemon
Another nail polish I couldn't get my hands on was Illamasqua Load, and I was pretty annoyed, until I noticed this litt;e 17 one could be a bit of a dupe?
It's probably more yellow and less cream than Load from what I can tell from swatches but nonetheless, Sherbet lemon is my favourite yellow out of these 4!

Are you going for the yellow look this spring?
What's your favourite yellow?


  1. Great post! I'm all over yellows and oranges for summer and I plan on loving them to death when the weather warms up. *grin*
    Btw, thanks for your comment about my eye shadow collection. I might have gone a bit overboard in the past, and I'm not done yet. LOL

  2. @chester- thanks, no problem :) I am so jealous of that collection!
    Loving coral nails at the moment so may do some more NOTD along those lines x


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