Saturday, 16 April 2011

Sleek True Colour Lipsticks

Sleek have really pulled it out the bag with this latest launch.
The True Colour lipsticks are blinking excellent
As they are 2 for £6 in Superdrug at present I got two (obviously)
Pink Freeze and Liquor

I have been wearing pink freeze ever since and I love it sooo much

Pout alert!

It's a colour I would never normally go for but I'm so glad I did, it feels really fresh.

I also picked up Liquor because I liked the name basically (always a terrible reason to buy make-up as I know only to well, by the way)
It's a mauve toned pinky nude- I might just be covering all the shade bases with that description so let's just swatch:

I haven't really worn Liquor for any length of time because I've been on a bit of a pink freeze fix

I like Pink Freeze because:

It's matte but not drying,
heavily pigmented
soft, smooth texture
long lasting
really nice colour

Finally, the packaging:

The box they come in seems a bit Avon-like which I'm not that enthralled by but the actual lipstick packaging is a bit NARS-ey, I think, which I like a lot more!

I am so definitely getting another 2 tomorrow.

Any shade suggestions for me?
Which ones did you pick up?


  1. I really have to buy one or 2 lipsticks to try but i have to wait to go to a bigger superdrug as the one next to me do not sell sleek

  2. @beauty shades- They are on 2 for £6 still at Superdrug- I got another 2 of them!

  3. Hello :). Is pink freeze cold or warm toned :)? Tnx xoxo

  4. @beastie - I'd say it's cool toned as I think it's got a blue undertone rather than a yellow one. I think that's how your supposed to tell :) Xx


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