Monday, 11 April 2011

Lip Stain Diaries- trialling Revlon Just Bitten

Believe it or not, I had been waiting for Revlon's Just Bitten Lipstain to launch in the UK for around 18 months, when I first heard about it!

In that space of time, MAC released my favourite Lip stains of all time- the lipstain markers (I have 5 of them!)so I thought I'd put the Revlon version to the test against it as they are both felt tip marker pen style stains.

All photos are of the Revlon Just Bitten stain in the colour Twilight

I have worn the lipstain for about 5 days in total but was testing it initially for 2 days, in day one I learned a few things about this product:

Apply the accompanying balm immediately over the stain to avoid our lips shrivelling up

Don't eat anything for at least the first hour of wear or it will come off in inelegant fashion

Make sure your lips are totally clean and in perfect condition as this stuff is drying as hell

If you want to wear a gloss over the top of this stain, I highly recommend Chanel glossimer in 129 (cosmos I think it's called?) it's in the top swatch picture and it's the ideal shade and texture to go with the Revlon product in Twilight

Anyway onto the diary, as mentioned earlier, after day 1's disappointing results I ate breakfast before application this time! Also I made sure my lips were in tip top condition and also clean and free from balm prior to application

7am- Apply lipstain and balm to clean lips
8am- drink a coffee and shortbread biscuit
9am- urge to apply balm again is immense
9.30 am- have to apply balm, lips feel so dry
10.30am- have another coffee
11am- lipstain colour is still intact, but my lips are starting to peel off from dryness
12noon- eat some carrots and houmous
12.30- lipstain is starting to fade gently, however it is now at an unbearable level of dryness
12.45- cave it and apply Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream over the top
2pm- lipstain has faded in patches which doesn't look too great!

I know the failure of the trial was down to my moisturising on top of the stain but it is so drying I really couldn't help myself.

The MAC lipstain marker by comparison goes like this-
7am- apply.
- do whatever you want; eat spaghetti, shower, moisturise, drink cocktails..
2 days later- still try to remove lipstain.

It is not really drying like the Revlon ones are but crucially, they are resistant to normal lipbalm anyway so you can moisturise as usual.

They were limited edition and came out with Art Supplies collection last year but you can bet if they are ever repromoted I will be getting another 5.

Have you tried Just Bitten?

What is your ultimate lip stain?

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