Friday, 22 April 2011

FOTD- Sunny change

I've had a bit of a revelation this week- I don't have to wear eyeliner or dark shadow on my eyelids to look normal!

I had a blister develop on my lashline at the beginning of the week so I decided (hesitantly) to stop wearing eyeliner and mascara in case it irritated the thing further.

It has now gone, thankfully- but surprisingly I feel a lot better about not wearing heavy eye make-up, which really was my 'cosmetic crutch' before.

As it was a lovely summery day I went for my new Sleek Papaya Punch lipstick- and what a lipstick, ladies!

I did a review on the new line last week and mentioned that I love the matte pink shade I picked up, so I have now got this neon coral amd it is a stunner!

I have also developed a liking for MAC Gana blush (from Mickey Contractor collection) as eyeshadow. It has loads of different colour reflects and is just really natural looking and glowy.

Elf tinted moisturiser + MyFace Mymix foundation in the t-zone
MAC Prolongwear concealer NW25
MAC Gana blush as highlight
MAC golden nectar highlight powder (as bronzer)
Sleek Pan Tao blush

MAC paint pot vintage selection
MAC blush Gana over eyelids
MAC kohl pencil in tarnish, lower lashline only & I get no kick as highlight
Bourjois The Volumizer mascara, step 1 only

Sleek True Colour Lipstick Papaya Punch

What is your cosmetic crutch?


  1. u look amazing! Love that lip colour on you! I love the softness in the eye.. Great look!

  2. That lippie brings out your eyes :D
    Soo pretty :D

  3. Omg what a GORGEOUS lipstick! I'm new to your blog so I dunno you with lots of eyeliner but you look gorgeous! :)

  4. Thanks so much all of you! xxx


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