Friday, 29 April 2011


I thought my NOTD was quite clever until signing into blogger 20 minutes ago and realising every woman in the UK has it on.. Oh well- I guess someone much more clever than me obviously did a tutorial on it earlier!


I have been away the past week

at the beach:

Yes the tide came in and my shoes got soaked whilst I was posing...

I've been st family stuff but don't have pictures of that really unless you want to see what 30 members of my family look like!

And in London yesterday:

check me out posing exactly the same way in Trafalger Square and Hyde Park
(quite the loser!)

And some yummy paella in covent garden

well, we sort of ate it before getting round to taking the photo!

Also I went to Harrods and had a swatch-a-thon of brands I don't have access to in my City; Burberry, D&G, Tom Ford, Armani..

Came away from that with a Dolce & Gabbana lipstick from the Summer collection in Mandorla which is lovely!

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Friday, 22 April 2011

FOTD- Sunny change

I've had a bit of a revelation this week- I don't have to wear eyeliner or dark shadow on my eyelids to look normal!

I had a blister develop on my lashline at the beginning of the week so I decided (hesitantly) to stop wearing eyeliner and mascara in case it irritated the thing further.

It has now gone, thankfully- but surprisingly I feel a lot better about not wearing heavy eye make-up, which really was my 'cosmetic crutch' before.

As it was a lovely summery day I went for my new Sleek Papaya Punch lipstick- and what a lipstick, ladies!

I did a review on the new line last week and mentioned that I love the matte pink shade I picked up, so I have now got this neon coral amd it is a stunner!

I have also developed a liking for MAC Gana blush (from Mickey Contractor collection) as eyeshadow. It has loads of different colour reflects and is just really natural looking and glowy.

Elf tinted moisturiser + MyFace Mymix foundation in the t-zone
MAC Prolongwear concealer NW25
MAC Gana blush as highlight
MAC golden nectar highlight powder (as bronzer)
Sleek Pan Tao blush

MAC paint pot vintage selection
MAC blush Gana over eyelids
MAC kohl pencil in tarnish, lower lashline only & I get no kick as highlight
Bourjois The Volumizer mascara, step 1 only

Sleek True Colour Lipstick Papaya Punch

What is your cosmetic crutch?

Thursday, 21 April 2011

The Cleanser that changed my Life!

Origins Clean Energy gentle cleansing oil

This oil has totally revolutionised my skin,
And I want to start off by saying I've been using this every day as my make up remover since February 4th this year, and I'm only half way through!

So if, like I was, you're thinking you can't afford this- I would point out that before I got this I was using Johnsons' 3in1 make up remover wipes which are about £3 for 25 wipes. Clean Energy cost about £14 including the pump applicator, and even if it lasts me another 2 months (and I antcipate 3)that will work out at less than £3 per month.

As I've probably mentioned many a time on here, I have extremely dry skin, and last winter when the temperature went to -10C, it really came into it's own!

The sides of my face and my ears were shedding throughout the day and my eyelids were red raw. In fact, my eye area is still scarred from this experience which you can actually see in my FOTD pictures usually.

Since I got the Origins cleansing oil I can't even describe how my skin has improved, it has been nothing short of a miracle!

I use about 7 pumps each night to remove my make up with a cotton pad, then usually rinse my face afterwards with a muslin cloth, but you can just remove any excess oil with a tissue if you prefer.

I highly recommend giving this a try if you have very dry skin.

What cleanser are you favouring at the moment?

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Sleek True Colour Lipsticks

Sleek have really pulled it out the bag with this latest launch.
The True Colour lipsticks are blinking excellent
As they are 2 for £6 in Superdrug at present I got two (obviously)
Pink Freeze and Liquor

I have been wearing pink freeze ever since and I love it sooo much

Pout alert!

It's a colour I would never normally go for but I'm so glad I did, it feels really fresh.

I also picked up Liquor because I liked the name basically (always a terrible reason to buy make-up as I know only to well, by the way)
It's a mauve toned pinky nude- I might just be covering all the shade bases with that description so let's just swatch:

I haven't really worn Liquor for any length of time because I've been on a bit of a pink freeze fix

I like Pink Freeze because:

It's matte but not drying,
heavily pigmented
soft, smooth texture
long lasting
really nice colour

Finally, the packaging:

The box they come in seems a bit Avon-like which I'm not that enthralled by but the actual lipstick packaging is a bit NARS-ey, I think, which I like a lot more!

I am so definitely getting another 2 tomorrow.

Any shade suggestions for me?
Which ones did you pick up?

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Yellow Nail Trend

They call me mellow yellow....
..because I've been wearing loads of yellow nail polish for a week

So I can't get hold of Chanel Mimosa nail polish and whilst that is annoying, I have raided my stash and found that I have a few yellow polishes that I thought I'd share with you

Index Finger:
Barry M pale yellow
Bright, fun-in-the-sun yellow. You all know what Barry M polishes are like so I won't elaborate!

Middle Finger:
Catrice Don't feed the birds!
From what I understand Catrice is a high street brand from Germany (correct me if I'm wrong, please)
I was lucky enough to win this in the lovely Chester's giveaway competition- check her out by the way! she has a seriously impressive MAC eyeshadow collection

Ring Finger:
Zoya Bekka
This was my festival nail polish of choice a few years back and I have fond memories for that reason!
It looks sort of lime green next to the other yellows, but actually it's extremely bright, fluro yellow with shimmer. It's bold, indeed but I like it

Little Finger:
17 sherbet lemon
Another nail polish I couldn't get my hands on was Illamasqua Load, and I was pretty annoyed, until I noticed this litt;e 17 one could be a bit of a dupe?
It's probably more yellow and less cream than Load from what I can tell from swatches but nonetheless, Sherbet lemon is my favourite yellow out of these 4!

Are you going for the yellow look this spring?
What's your favourite yellow?

Monday, 11 April 2011

Lip Stain Diaries- trialling Revlon Just Bitten

Believe it or not, I had been waiting for Revlon's Just Bitten Lipstain to launch in the UK for around 18 months, when I first heard about it!

In that space of time, MAC released my favourite Lip stains of all time- the lipstain markers (I have 5 of them!)so I thought I'd put the Revlon version to the test against it as they are both felt tip marker pen style stains.

All photos are of the Revlon Just Bitten stain in the colour Twilight

I have worn the lipstain for about 5 days in total but was testing it initially for 2 days, in day one I learned a few things about this product:

Apply the accompanying balm immediately over the stain to avoid our lips shrivelling up

Don't eat anything for at least the first hour of wear or it will come off in inelegant fashion

Make sure your lips are totally clean and in perfect condition as this stuff is drying as hell

If you want to wear a gloss over the top of this stain, I highly recommend Chanel glossimer in 129 (cosmos I think it's called?) it's in the top swatch picture and it's the ideal shade and texture to go with the Revlon product in Twilight

Anyway onto the diary, as mentioned earlier, after day 1's disappointing results I ate breakfast before application this time! Also I made sure my lips were in tip top condition and also clean and free from balm prior to application

7am- Apply lipstain and balm to clean lips
8am- drink a coffee and shortbread biscuit
9am- urge to apply balm again is immense
9.30 am- have to apply balm, lips feel so dry
10.30am- have another coffee
11am- lipstain colour is still intact, but my lips are starting to peel off from dryness
12noon- eat some carrots and houmous
12.30- lipstain is starting to fade gently, however it is now at an unbearable level of dryness
12.45- cave it and apply Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream over the top
2pm- lipstain has faded in patches which doesn't look too great!

I know the failure of the trial was down to my moisturising on top of the stain but it is so drying I really couldn't help myself.

The MAC lipstain marker by comparison goes like this-
7am- apply.
- do whatever you want; eat spaghetti, shower, moisturise, drink cocktails..
2 days later- still try to remove lipstain.

It is not really drying like the Revlon ones are but crucially, they are resistant to normal lipbalm anyway so you can moisturise as usual.

They were limited edition and came out with Art Supplies collection last year but you can bet if they are ever repromoted I will be getting another 5.

Have you tried Just Bitten?

What is your ultimate lip stain?

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Blistex Trials

Lipbalm is one of my biggest obsessions. fact! My lips are not just naturally dry, they're like the Sahara, which is why I was super happy when I recieved some Blistex products to try. I don't review everything I receive, and I don't accept every offer to trial products either, but lip balms are a pretty important topic to me so I thought I'd share my thoughts on the range I'll start with my favourite: Daily Lip Conditioner

This balm has a slightly menthol tingle to it but also is maybe a bit vanilla scented? I'm not sure, but I think it's the nicest scent in the range. It has a waxy, typical balm like consistency and lasts really well on the lips, and moisturises instantly. You just can't go wrong unless you hate lip balm in a pot container of course.

Intensive Moisturiser

Hmm, I'm really not sure about this one. It is waxy cream formula and comes out of the tube VERY thickly, as you can see in the swatch. I find the daily lip conditioner to be better at moisturising than this one too, also I'm not fond of this type of applicator either, but that's just me. I've been using it more for toning down bright lipsticks which it's very good at though

Lip Massage

This is the balm I was most excited about, but unfortunately it's not my favourite. It has a twist up applicator which dispenses it's clear, strawberry scented balm onto a ridged applicator. The ridged end is supposed to help exfoliate the lips, but for me, it didn't deliver on that, and I manage to get foundation, lipstick remains and any other dirt all over the tip which is a bit gross. So, I think it is good for cleaning your lips but it doesn't get rid of flakes. I do think it boosts the circulation temporarily though which is quite nice. If you don't have mega dry lips this is probably better for you than for me!

Relief Cream

This may look boring and medicinal, and it is a bit, but I had to start the trials with this because my lips were such a eczema-y, flaky, dry state and it completely sorted them out in 24 hours. I am never going to be without this again! This is defintely for extremely dry, cracked lips and it smells very minty.

Well, that was a bit extensive but hopefully it's been helpful in some way

What is your go-to lipbalm?

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Ghost Enchanted Bloom Inspired FOTD

I LOVE the visual from the Ghost Echanted Bloom frangrance so I decided to do my own take on it yesterday

I saw the ad on the back of Look Magazine in the week and fell in love with the make up, obviously I have a totally different skintone, face shape and hair colour to the model but I still gave it a go

Please can someone recommend me a matte dark brown eyeshadow with great colour payoff? I used a MAC one from an old christmas palette but it completely sheered out for the photo which sucked!
So if you know what the best completely matte one is please please let me know


MAC strobe cream
Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation in 54
MAC pro longwear concealer in NW25
MAC cremeblend blush in Tea Petal
MAC barbie beauty powder (pale pink)
MAC Cream colour base in pearl


MAC paint pot in vintage selection (I wouldn't have used this in hindsight as it's waaay to shimmery for this look)
Urban Decay Naked, Buck, virgin shadows
MAC cranberry and annoying sheer dark brown colour eyeshadow
MAC Raven kohl liner on lower lash line, NW20 chromographic pencil on waterline and I get no kick pencil to highlight
Bourjois the volumizer mascara


Revlon blush colourburst lipstick
Revlon peach petal super lustrous lipgloss

Send those matte espresso eyeshadow recs my way please!
Any beautiful adverts grabbing your attention lately?

Friday, 1 April 2011

Quick NOTD

Short and sweet

Rimmel 60 second nail polish in Blue My Mind

The formula is a jelly I think and the brush is sort of spade shaped. Can be a blessing or a curse depending on your nail shape obviously!

It does dry very fast, not exactly in 60 seconds but definitely less than 5 minutes

I do like Rimmel polishes much more than any other high street brand

This colour is a true royal blue as it has a slight twist of purple in there, for the price, you just can't go wrong

I know this post is a bit blunt and random but I want to keep the momentum going despite having no time to think this week!

Tomorrow I should be back on form hopefully and you can expect by next week at least:

Ghost ad inspired FOTD,
Revlon just bitten lipstain review,
Blistex range lowdown


What's your favourite Rimmel polish?