Thursday, 3 March 2011

Topshop Gel Liner

I have a bit of a weird compulsion when it comes to collecting gel liners, I have them from MAC, Sleek, Bobbi Brown, Elf, Clinique ...all in black. Odd indeed but, hey, everyone's different.

I got the Topshop gel liner in 'etch' (black) back in Autumn and thought it was completely rubbish, however I really like the packaging

I thought it had the consistency of a wax crayon in pot form and was impossible to apply.

Turns out I am just stupid and the product was too cold. Also I was using a thin liner brush and it really is better with a small angled brush.

Swatch on the hand

I decided to give it another chance a few days ago and actually really liked it now it has thawed out a bit!

It has a kohl pencil type look when applied, soft and smudgy but it lasts. all. day.

This is after 14 hours of wear

Ignore my wrinkly eyelids that's just my winter eczema striking out- But
liner-wise, I am impressed with that. The 3 higher end gel liners I have still tend to fade or chip off after a long day at work, blacktrack from MAC does last until you remove it but it doesn't have the same consistency at all, it's much more liquid liner in appearance

I am staving off the urge to get the new Maybelline one as I clearly don't need it, but since I have No7 vouchers I might have to check that one out.

Has anyone tried it yet compared to fluidline?

P.S- I have been to MAC, and done a very restrained haul, more of that tomorrow but I will just say that Frayed To Order nail polish is so cool!


  1. I actually quite like a more smokey out gel eyeliner that lasts all day compare to maybe a really easy to apply opaque liner that only lasts half the day then smudges!

    Wanted to get the No7 gel liner from the Spring Collection - but the collection wasn't there when I went shopping at the weekend so I think I may have missed it.
    Though I have got the new Maybelline one and do love it - not for oily lids I can imagine.
    But if you haven't this will last all day and is so opaque.
    Also the brush is quite nice for a change!

    haha I sound like I am selling it to you now. But if you can't get the No7 one then you should defintely get the Maybelline one.

    Fee x

  2. Hi Fee, thanks for the recs, I might check out the No 7 one when they get it back in stock in Cambridge! they have the turquoise shade but I don't like the look of it x


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