Sunday, 13 March 2011

Quick In and Outs

Sort of a delayed/early monthly hits and misses I guess, I just have had a really stressful week and don't want to photograph my face, hair or nails right now!
So I thought I'd just give you a fast rundown of the new products I'm loving and hating at the mo


1. John Freida Root Boost shampoo and conditioner
I can't slag this off enough to be honest, I've been using these products for a month and have had nothing but frizzy, greasy, static hair. By the way my usual hair type is normal! If I blow dry my hair with tonnes of mousse, hair spray and various other volumising and then smoothing products, then it looks ok, otherwise it is flat, greasy and bizarrely static as well.
I am quite sick of trying to persevere with these and am going to chuck them in the bin.

2.MAC kissable lipcolour Love Peck
I can't believe this is the same line as Super, the other kissable lipcolour I got from Peacocky collection last month, Love peck is a stunning colour but applies really inconsistantly, and bleeds out of the lip line like noting I've ever seen. Even with primer, even with liner, even with my new Elf liplock pencil.

3. MAC mega metal shadow Prance
Also from February's Peacocky collection, I'm sure these are maybe great products for other people.-, the texture is lovely and buttery and the finish is extremely metallic and shiny. For me, it just isn't flattering as the skin around my eyes is quite dry, it seems to exaggerate the lines and isn't nice unfortunately

4. Bourjois Kohl & contour 16 hour pencil
This glides onto the waterline beautifully but it last on the eyelid about 4 hours. Not 16.


1. Soap & Glory the scrub of your life
Just does exactly what it promises and I like products like that. smoothes of annoying bumps on the upper arms, shaves away hard skin on elbows and knees. Smells good too. Perfection in scrub form!

2. MAC cremeblend blush tea petal
soooo glad this formula has replaced the blush cremes! Insanely pigmented, beautiful smooth moisturising consistency, lasts ages on the skin. can easily be worn the lips too unlike the blush cremes. Tea petal is a muted browny, plummish colour I think

3. MAC kissable lipcolour Super
I have hardly worn anything else on my lips since I got this- I love everything about it and it's so easy to wear. The colour reminds me of blankety lipstick but darker

4. Bourjois bronzing powder
Looks like chocolate and smells a bit like chocolate too, mmm...
I got this on Fee from Make up savvys's recommendation and it is quite lovely for bronzing (obviously) and contouring too

What are your ins and outs?


  1. Love these types of posts :)
    I adore Soap & Glory products especially their exfoliators xx

  2. Aw damn i meant to get that Bourjois bronzer today and i forgot it :( Thanks for subbing to my blog - i really like yours so going to follow it too :)



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