Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Poppy King for No 7 lipstick

OK, if only one thing could coax me into buying a lipstick from No 7, Poppy King's involvement would be it.

Or...maybe a Prada collaboration but I don't see that ever happening somehow!

To be honest I just dislike the brand a lot, but Lipstick Queen is seriously amazing so I had to find out how it would affect No 7's lipsticks

I like the dotted box packaging...

My first thought was that it looks insanely small- and it is!

On closer inspection the actual lipstick bullets are probably the same size, only the No 7 packaging is smaller, which could be a good thing- anything that increases space in my handbag is onto a winner!

I swatched all the lipsticks and glosses in Boots today and they are ALL extremely sheer. 10 times sheerer than a MAC glaze finish.

I accidentally brushed my sleeve on my hand swatches and it wiped them all clean off without a trace, so it's no surprise the satying power on the lips is virtually nil.

I went for the colour Intrigue which is sort of a neutral, pinkish red? I am really bad at describing colours...

L- Elf barely bitten Middle- MAC hot tahiti R-No 7 Poppy King Intrigue

The No 7 swatch on the far right was layered out 10 times so it would show up on camera.

I really don't think these are comparable to the Lipstick Queen line, and if you purchase one lipstick with the matching gloss at full price, it will cost you more than buying a Lipstick Queen lipstick so don't be thinking you're getting luxe for less.

Also the lipsticks are so sheer and glossy, I doubt you would be able to layer a gloss over them without it just sliding off?

Again, for the lip swatches the lipstick is layered on really thick.

It's a nice little shiny lipstick, but if that's what you're after, you really would be better off going to Boots 17 range and choosing some Mirror shine lipsticks. They are more long lasting and 1/3 of the price!

What do you think of this collaboration?


  1. Thanks Laura. Good review. I will steer clear! Not a big no. 7 fan either!

  2. I only have from n7 nail polishes that i buy only when boots is given the £5.00 voucher :)

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