Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Make-Up Storage

This is my first proper attempt at storing my make up in any kind of attractive way, it was just in about 17 random make up bags!

Why, hellooo blusher rabbit! I like to keep my blushes (round ones anyway) on this rabbit shaped mat on top of my new unit so I can rotate them instead of getting stuck on the same one all the time as I used to do. Mainly because I couldn't find them!

So this is the unit, I took inspiration from Bubblegarm and got these pretty drawers from WH Smith, they were £9.99 which is bargainous.

Top 3 drawers l-r:
Eyeliner pencils- mascara- gel & liquid liner

Middle 2
eyebrow products and primers- single eyeshadows

bottomface products, bronzer, foundation, powder and lip balms

Lip sticks and glosses are in an old wine case thing:

To think once I used to store my whole collection in this case!
Foundations I'm not using at present are in a champagne holding box and everything I rarely use is in a massive trunk under the bed!

Lets not get started on nail polish storage, now that is a mess.

Who has good storage ideas?


  1. I am so jealous. That looks like the perfect organiser :D

  2. Those drawers are so cute! :] You are so lucky to be so organized! I need to work on mine!

  3. Thanks, just need to get started on the nail polish organising! x

  4. hahaha blusher rabbit.. that's so cute


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