Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Sleek Avoir la peche Look

I have to come out and say it staright away- this is my favourite sleek palette to date.

This is my first look with it:

I love coral and peach colours and I'm really happy that there are so many matte shades in the paraguaya palette, so much easier to work with than Storm and Bad girl in my opinion!

I've read a lot of reviews suggesting that these colours would be great for blush- personally I love them as the eyeshadows they are.

The Pan Tao blush from the collection is also lovely, by the way!

If you happen to own Coral Crepe paint pot by MAC from their pret a papier collection last year, then the Paraguaya palette is an absolute must buy!

Look breakdown


MAC Coral Crepe paint pot as base
Sleek paraguaya- sandstone, blush, redstone, bittersweet, stone
Sleek ink pot (black one)
L'oreal Volume million mascara
Rimmel professional brow pencil


Myface mymix foundation in fair 03
MAC Studio finish concealer
Bourjois bronzing powder
Sleek Pan Tao blush


MAC dressmaker dressmaker lipstick
Boots 17 beehive mirrorshine lipstick
(clumsily slapped together on lips!)

I just love all the colours in this palette and there will probably be more FOTD's featuring it to come.
I can already picture wearing peach gold, persian orange and tangelo with a summer tan!

Link me to your coral eye looks too!

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Spring Blossom FOTD

I wasn't going to go ahead with this post but what the hey?

Things always go wrong when planned out too much-
I carefully laid out the make-up last night for my spring blossom inspired fotd, as the weather has been so nice and the flowers have started to bloom I was well and truly feeling it yesterday.

Then this morning I wake up to greasy hair, eczema all around my mouth and several spots.

Then to top it all off it wasn't remotely sunny and too dark all day to take a picture of the blossom which was the damn inspiration!

So the picture you see above is from google, but I swear it looks just like my street!


Laura Mercier creme smooth foundation
MAC studio finish concealer
MAC cream colour base pearl to highlight
ELF pink lemonade all over colour stick
Bourjois bronzing powder


MAC dirty greasepaint stick to prime
MAC nanogold, rosy outlook (both from SS Colour forecast collection last year)and smut eyeshadow
MAC fluidline blacktrack (liner and waterline)
Bourjois the volumizer mascara
Rimmel professional eyebrow pencil


YSL lingerie Pink Rouge Volupte lipstick

I tried my best! Anyway I have got the sleek peach palette and blusher today which has brightened my mood no end so I will have to do a post about it tomorrow!

Has Spring sprung for you?

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Poppy King for No 7 lipstick

OK, if only one thing could coax me into buying a lipstick from No 7, Poppy King's involvement would be it.

Or...maybe a Prada collaboration but I don't see that ever happening somehow!

To be honest I just dislike the brand a lot, but Lipstick Queen is seriously amazing so I had to find out how it would affect No 7's lipsticks

I like the dotted box packaging...

My first thought was that it looks insanely small- and it is!

On closer inspection the actual lipstick bullets are probably the same size, only the No 7 packaging is smaller, which could be a good thing- anything that increases space in my handbag is onto a winner!

I swatched all the lipsticks and glosses in Boots today and they are ALL extremely sheer. 10 times sheerer than a MAC glaze finish.

I accidentally brushed my sleeve on my hand swatches and it wiped them all clean off without a trace, so it's no surprise the satying power on the lips is virtually nil.

I went for the colour Intrigue which is sort of a neutral, pinkish red? I am really bad at describing colours...

L- Elf barely bitten Middle- MAC hot tahiti R-No 7 Poppy King Intrigue

The No 7 swatch on the far right was layered out 10 times so it would show up on camera.

I really don't think these are comparable to the Lipstick Queen line, and if you purchase one lipstick with the matching gloss at full price, it will cost you more than buying a Lipstick Queen lipstick so don't be thinking you're getting luxe for less.

Also the lipsticks are so sheer and glossy, I doubt you would be able to layer a gloss over them without it just sliding off?

Again, for the lip swatches the lipstick is layered on really thick.

It's a nice little shiny lipstick, but if that's what you're after, you really would be better off going to Boots 17 range and choosing some Mirror shine lipsticks. They are more long lasting and 1/3 of the price!

What do you think of this collaboration?

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Toxic Nature Inspired NOTD

I've been loving the Illamasqua promo imagesfor the nail polishes in their recent toxic nature collection so I thought I'd do an inspired NOTD.

I used Zoya Heidi and MAC style clan(from tartan tale) for this top one, which is what I'm wearing now

Originally I wanted to try a more pastel base with a dirty tip as I really like the contrasting colours and tips:

Firstly, I blame Shivvy for the purchase of the peach melba nail polish from Beauty UK but it was a bargain at £1.99

Secondly, this is the messiest manicure ever done but hey ho!

with flash, and indoor light

I decided I preferred the dark base and bright tip so I went with that style in the end but changed the base for the MAC polish because it has little gold glitter in it which I like with the orange tips

Used: Zoya Heidi, BeautyUK Peach Melba, OPI You don't know Jacques

How do you feel about the coloured tip trend?

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Mascara Fight!

In the red corner...

MAC Haute & Naughty Lash Mascara
In the erm, other corner...

Bourjois Volumizer Mascara

Ok so I'm comparing these two because they both have the 2 step applicators, "2 brushes in one" but we all know they actually contain 1 brush and two holes which it can be pulled through.

Does that make sense?

To reiterate, both mascara have exactly the same design and the same brush.

The MAC packaging is indefinitely cooler, but it is a lot more expensive.

How do they perform?
Well I think I just don't get on with this type of mascara as I don't like either of them, but the MAC is worse on me

MAC on the left side of photo, Bourjois on the right.

I have only had the Borjois mascara about 2 weeks, and I've had the MAC one 3 months.

I don't think that Haute & Naughty has got worse over this period of time- it's always been a total pain to apply.

When I first got it, it was impossible to apply, the formula was so wet that it splattered all over the place and clumped like nobodies business.

After about a month though, it began to dry out and for a few weeks after that it was great.

I say great, I mean only if I applied it in a certain way; using the fatter handle and then seperating the lashes with the thin one afterwards.

For some reason it has now reverted back to it's original clumpy mess- maybe it was the freezing conditions a few months ago which made the formula more manageable?

Who knows. Either way it is the most high maintenance mascara ever created.

Bourjois Volumizer is easy enough to use and doesn't clump up as much, I just don't love the result to be honest

Maybe I'm just impossible to please!

Have you tried either of these mascaras?

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Make-Up Storage

This is my first proper attempt at storing my make up in any kind of attractive way, it was just in about 17 random make up bags!

Why, hellooo blusher rabbit! I like to keep my blushes (round ones anyway) on this rabbit shaped mat on top of my new unit so I can rotate them instead of getting stuck on the same one all the time as I used to do. Mainly because I couldn't find them!

So this is the unit, I took inspiration from Bubblegarm and got these pretty drawers from WH Smith, they were £9.99 which is bargainous.

Top 3 drawers l-r:
Eyeliner pencils- mascara- gel & liquid liner

Middle 2
eyebrow products and primers- single eyeshadows

bottomface products, bronzer, foundation, powder and lip balms

Lip sticks and glosses are in an old wine case thing:

To think once I used to store my whole collection in this case!
Foundations I'm not using at present are in a champagne holding box and everything I rarely use is in a massive trunk under the bed!

Lets not get started on nail polish storage, now that is a mess.

Who has good storage ideas?

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Quick In and Outs

Sort of a delayed/early monthly hits and misses I guess, I just have had a really stressful week and don't want to photograph my face, hair or nails right now!
So I thought I'd just give you a fast rundown of the new products I'm loving and hating at the mo


1. John Freida Root Boost shampoo and conditioner
I can't slag this off enough to be honest, I've been using these products for a month and have had nothing but frizzy, greasy, static hair. By the way my usual hair type is normal! If I blow dry my hair with tonnes of mousse, hair spray and various other volumising and then smoothing products, then it looks ok, otherwise it is flat, greasy and bizarrely static as well.
I am quite sick of trying to persevere with these and am going to chuck them in the bin.

2.MAC kissable lipcolour Love Peck
I can't believe this is the same line as Super, the other kissable lipcolour I got from Peacocky collection last month, Love peck is a stunning colour but applies really inconsistantly, and bleeds out of the lip line like noting I've ever seen. Even with primer, even with liner, even with my new Elf liplock pencil.

3. MAC mega metal shadow Prance
Also from February's Peacocky collection, I'm sure these are maybe great products for other people.-, the texture is lovely and buttery and the finish is extremely metallic and shiny. For me, it just isn't flattering as the skin around my eyes is quite dry, it seems to exaggerate the lines and isn't nice unfortunately

4. Bourjois Kohl & contour 16 hour pencil
This glides onto the waterline beautifully but it last on the eyelid about 4 hours. Not 16.


1. Soap & Glory the scrub of your life
Just does exactly what it promises and I like products like that. smoothes of annoying bumps on the upper arms, shaves away hard skin on elbows and knees. Smells good too. Perfection in scrub form!

2. MAC cremeblend blush tea petal
soooo glad this formula has replaced the blush cremes! Insanely pigmented, beautiful smooth moisturising consistency, lasts ages on the skin. can easily be worn the lips too unlike the blush cremes. Tea petal is a muted browny, plummish colour I think

3. MAC kissable lipcolour Super
I have hardly worn anything else on my lips since I got this- I love everything about it and it's so easy to wear. The colour reminds me of blankety lipstick but darker

4. Bourjois bronzing powder
Looks like chocolate and smells a bit like chocolate too, mmm...
I got this on Fee from Make up savvys's recommendation and it is quite lovely for bronzing (obviously) and contouring too

What are your ins and outs?

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

NOTD: Essie Hot Cocoa

If it's spring here in the UK then it hasn't reached me yet

Time for some hot cocoa!

This is one of the Essie polishes I got at the professional beauty exhibition last Monday from Louella Belle, it's a smooth creamy chocolate colour and a little on the sheer side- I did 3 coats for these photos

It's consistent finish and quality to the rest of the Essie line, smooth, easy to apply and hard wearing.

There is either something wrong with my nails at the moment or with my base coat because they are chipping like crazy no matter what brand I apply; essie, OPI, Zoya, china glaze, MAC, ELF... you name it, I can't wear it for more than 12 hours.

Anyway it's not Essie's fault.

Is it still cocoa drinking weather anywhere else out there ??

Sunday, 6 March 2011

FOTD- Viva Glam Gaga 2

Admittedly, my first thought on applying VIVA GLAM GAGA 2 lipstick was Is this

I did quickly swatch my concealer next to it and was assured it was slightly darker, but this is the most 'concealer lips' product I own and I am not too sure I can pull it off!

It is an amplified finish so as you can see from the above photo it has quite a mattish finish but isn't quite as drying as a matte finish like myth lipstick for example.

Nonetheless, I decided for the rest of my FOTD to add gloss!

Laura Mercier creme smooth foundation sunny beige
MAC studio finish concealer NW25 (NOT on mouth)
MAC cremeblend blush tea petal
Bourjois bronzing powder
MAC blush Gana as highlight

Elf primer
MAC shadows in Nanogold (pink toned gold), smut (grey with pink reflects) suspicion (sheer black)
MAC fluidline blacktrack
Bourjois volumizer mascara
Rimmel professional eyebrow pencil


MAC dazzleglass creme lightly pracing

How do you feel about the latest Gaga collaboration? It is for charity..

Saturday, 5 March 2011

NOTD- MAC Frayed To Order

This polish is awesome!
It's so weird but just cool. It came out in the UK this week in MAC's Jeanius collection and at 1pm on release day, I bagged the last one in Cambridge.
Unfortunately it is a nightmare to capture on camera. Temptalia did point this fact out in her amazing (as always) review but I did't take any notice silly me...

It is a matte polish as you can see but it seriously lasted about 2hours on my nails without topcoat so I had to apply.
If you have perfect nails (or fake ones) then I would resist adding the shiny topcoat because it does ruin the cool factor a bit.

I tried soooo hard to photograph the pink tone which catches the light but it is seriously difficult

I left the ring and index fingers matte so you can see what it looks like, the polish has it's own sheen anyway so it doesn't look like tip ex.

Such a shame it doesn't photograph true to life because it is stunning

you can sort of see that it's quite pink if I photo it next to something white, so there you go.

I also got from MAC viva glam gaga 2 lipstick and tea petal cremeblend blush. Will most likely do a FOTD with these two tomorrow.

I left Wonder Woman completely- did anyone get anything they liked from that collection?

Is anyone else loving their frayed to order polish?

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Topshop Gel Liner

I have a bit of a weird compulsion when it comes to collecting gel liners, I have them from MAC, Sleek, Bobbi Brown, Elf, Clinique ...all in black. Odd indeed but, hey, everyone's different.

I got the Topshop gel liner in 'etch' (black) back in Autumn and thought it was completely rubbish, however I really like the packaging

I thought it had the consistency of a wax crayon in pot form and was impossible to apply.

Turns out I am just stupid and the product was too cold. Also I was using a thin liner brush and it really is better with a small angled brush.

Swatch on the hand

I decided to give it another chance a few days ago and actually really liked it now it has thawed out a bit!

It has a kohl pencil type look when applied, soft and smudgy but it lasts. all. day.

This is after 14 hours of wear

Ignore my wrinkly eyelids that's just my winter eczema striking out- But
liner-wise, I am impressed with that. The 3 higher end gel liners I have still tend to fade or chip off after a long day at work, blacktrack from MAC does last until you remove it but it doesn't have the same consistency at all, it's much more liquid liner in appearance

I am staving off the urge to get the new Maybelline one as I clearly don't need it, but since I have No7 vouchers I might have to check that one out.

Has anyone tried it yet compared to fluidline?

P.S- I have been to MAC, and done a very restrained haul, more of that tomorrow but I will just say that Frayed To Order nail polish is so cool!