Thursday, 24 February 2011

Laura Mercier creme smooth foundation

How much would you say your pride is worth?

Turns out mine is about £41.50 because had I bothered to research the price of this foundation prior to the MUA applying it to me and subsequently me agreeing to purchase-

Let's just say I wouldn't...BUT...
NOT because it's not good. Just because that's a lot of money for me personally!

However, I am glad now that I was too embarrased to decline at the till in John Lewis as this foundation is pretty darn nice.

fancy packaging...

little spatula included...

surplus gimmicks aside this is great if you have very dry skin, or aging skin- which I think creme smooth is actually designed for, but if your skin also resembles the sahara desert I think it is OK to use very rich products.

It is important that this is applied with a dry sponge.
A brush of any description just causes cakiness (cakey-ness?) and is just rubbish basically.
A wet sponge causes smearing and the product won't settle.
Fingers are recommended on the packaging and the finish is good when aplied this way- but it doesn't last all day.

So to bite the bullet, here are the before and after pictures, I only have on my leftover eye make up which I've had on since 6.45 this morning so no concealer, blush, lip products etc I simply removed my face make up and applied the foundation anew for the photos.

It is just an indication of coverage really, these photos don't do justice how nice it really is!

BEFORE: (resisting temptation to make this photo much smaller)


Of course my skin is not perfect in either but what I like is that creme smooth foundation is extremely natural looking, lasts all day without changing much, and really brightens the face.

My boyfriend has said to me every day since I bought this that my skin is "really, really nice" and no, he is not aware that it is a new cosmetic item, or that it cost £41.50. And No, he ain't gonna find out!

What's your favourite foundation for dry skin?


  1. Hi Laura,
    Looks good, I'm impressed! Price is definitely a bummer!
    I have dry skin too and have found that tinted moisturiser tends to work the best, although at the moment I am using a Bobbi Brown foundation stick which is working a treat (has quite a greasy texture)

  2. Really want to try this!! xx

    new follower :)


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