Sunday, 27 June 2010

Sedona Lace your face with NV Beauty

Well well, I am cutting it pretty fine with the timing of this competition entry aren't I, Nicole?!

In a rush as always but here we go:

This is my inspiration picture of the lovely sedona sunset over trees:

And here's the look

I realise the forrest style false lashes are obscurring the eye make a bit so I did two pics where you can hopefully see the blue, purple and coral sunset shadows

Hopefully you guys can see that, the eye lid work is supposed to represent the beautiful sky colours, the lashes of course are done to make them look like the trees underneath.
I also took inspiration from the chalky texture of the glittering orange cliffs and decided to take that onto the cheek contouring and highlighting:

Not the most flattering photo of my face but you should be able to see what I'm going on about with the cheeks!

Finally two more just for effect really, me goofing around a bit!

Hope you like it



Saturday, 12 June 2010


Sorry for the long absence girlies, Here's my much overdue mascara comparison between
Dior Extase and the much cheaper L'oreal Volume Million lashes

There they are side by side, they give quite a similar effect, I think the only difference is that the L'oreal mascara makes the lashes much more seperated and fluttery and the Dior has a slight tendency to clump.

The brushes:

L'oreal at the top, Dior at the bottom
I usually despise plastic mascara brushes but the effects of the L'oreal are (sorry for ridicuolous pun) Worth it!

Ok so it's been mentioned to me that my eye lashes are so long that me doing a mascara review is pointless- not so, here is a rather horrid pic of my eye sans eyeliner and mascara


So here we go:

L'oreal Volume million Lashes x4 coats (I like to test products to the max!)

You don't have to go as mad as I do with it but it really catches every lash and adds volume subtely as you build the second coat, and looks impressively like false lashes.

Dior Extase x4 coats

See it's clumpiness? Not bad for that many coats but still for £23 I was expecting endless joyful applications without clumping. I love Dior mascara usually and before I got the Loreal one this was pretty much up there with my faves, but now I definitely prefer the Volume Million Lashes.

Although it has to be said the Extase does curl your lashes for you so points for that :)

Also I picked up Maybelline Lash Stiletto Voluptuous, having loved the original lash stiletto mascara and waited eagerly for the volumising version to be released in the UK, I have to say Don't Bother. It is a very dry version of the original and that is all.

Any new mascara recomdations for me?