Sunday, 9 May 2010

Nails Inc with Diet Coke!

Nails Inc polishes free with Diet Coke! Erm, yes please, I didn't even think about it when I saw this offer in Boots today and immediately bought 4 500ml bottles of diet coke to pick up 2 FREE Nails Inc colours. And yes, the other two colours I saw in the offer will be making an appearance in my collection this week too :)

I think this is justified as I would usually buy this much cola anyway

So here are the 2 colours I picked out and comparisons for you, starting with the 'nude' shade, London

It's a lovely nude 'greige' as they're calling it nowadays, quite a cappucino colour. This is what I hoped the mink shade would be which is free with InStyle magazine in the UK at the moment. InStyle were kind enough to send me that shade with the magazine but as you can see from the following comparisons, mink and London are nothing like eachother: mink is much more pink/brown toned and london more grey/lilac.

For some annoying reason my laptop's refusing to rotate images so they are sideways, but thats diet coke london at the top, then Zoya 'felicity' then Instyle mink then Zoya 'Hermina'. The two Zoya ones look like the same colour family as the Nails Inc when you see them on the website, but in person they're nothing alike.

Next up: Nails Inc Milan

This should have been called 'coca-cola red' as it is exactly that shade. I'm not sure if these diet coke colours are repromotes from the stndard line but in a diet coke branded bottle? Entirely possible. Milan is a cherry-ish red and it's a dead ringer for Stella by Zoya

Again, probably a sideways photo but that is Zoya Zsa Zsa, Stella, Nails inc Milan, then Zoya Gia. Gia is much more orange toned than the others, it's a true fire engine red which I actually had to use for my manicurists' exam years ago! Milan is a pink toned red in comparison, although the photo probably makes all those polishes look pretty orange.

Have any of you picked up these polishes with a diet coke yet?



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