Saturday, 3 April 2010

Another SS10 catwalk inspired look

So last month I did a post entering NV Beauty's contest for editorial, catwalk inspired make up looks, she's extended the contest for another week now so I'm entering again as I have nothing else to do!

Once again, this is a totally unwearable look, as this time I have buttons glued to my face:

This is inspired by the pastel fashion trend which is big for beauty as well as we all know, and also the doll-style looks at Luella and the out-there costume style accessories from versace and galliano.

I know buttons aren't particularly on trend but they are pastel for one thing and button down skirts were seen a lot on the catwalk. I did a search and I can't find any evidence of anyone sticking buttons over their eyebrows before, so I think that qualifies this as a unique idea!

So yeah, you can't leave the house like this clearly but it is my interpretation of the pastel trend, and I am a lil bit mad I suppose :)

So the important things I used are
1: for the face, No7 illuminating lotion mixed with foundation, and Elf color stick in pink lemonade, a whole bunch of highlighting products as I wanted a really sheeny look for the skin, like a doll.
2: For the eyes, the mint green and icing colour are from the MAC Graphic garden palette, there's a bit of rosy outlook e/s in there too and delft paint pot which is turquoise as the liner. Those are Elf false lashes, they came in the flirty eyelash set.

3: lips were a mix of L'oreal shine gelee lipstick in pretty peach with barry m 101 to make it a real pastel peach.

4: Brows- not that you're going to want to recreate this but I nuded out my brows with the Elf eye primer & liner sealer product, (obviously using the primer end) so you couldn't see any brows poking through the buttons, and to protect them from the eyelash glue! Then glued individual buttons from my Mum's button tin with eyelash glue and pressed them on.

*My eyebrows are undamaged from this experience and the buttons have been cleaned and put back in the tin*


  1. This looks awesome, you are super creative. xx

  2. Wow, very cool! Thanks for entering another amazing look! =)

  3. I just gave you a blog award! Hope you like it!


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