Monday, 1 March 2010

Mascara Review: Maybelline Pulse Perfection

Late as ever on reviewing this, I wasn't interested enough to get this when it first came out so waited til it was reduced to £9.99 and on 3for2 offer in Boots last weekend.

So here is the packaging and the 'trigger' that you press to keep it vibrating:

It is kind of annoying that you have to hold the trigger down the whole time, and difficult to do when I'm doing my left eye with my right hand obviously.
However, it does give quite a good result. Like the MAC one I reviewed last week this doesn't really provide volume.

The picture might be a bit disturbing because I'm actually really upset today and didn't really feel like taking pictures of my face!

It gives a really similar result to the MAC studio fix mascara to be fair, the 2 photos of my eye are almost identical. This one is actually easier to use though, you can only put two coats on or it starts to clump but you only need two coats. Also after a few hours you can touch it up and it won't clump up which I was pretty impressed by. It actually separates the lashes out again which is quite nice.

I did use it without the vibrate on and found it doesn't work as well though! Maybe it's my imagination but has anyone else found that?



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