Wednesday, 31 March 2010

March Favourites

Here we go...

Let's start with the MAC

Hue Lipstick and Boy Bait cremesheen glass
Lip combination du jour is these two products I got this month, Boy Bait is the perfect gloss to go over practically any nude, it gives Hue a peachier look and warms up creme d'nude, gosh darling, barry M 101...any really cool toned nude lipstick. I have been wearing it over basically every nude lipstick as it's got a really nice consistency, scent and it stays on at least 2 hours. Love.

Rosy Outlook and Smut eyeshadows are the eye combo I'm loving, wearing these two practically every day. I really wish I'd got nanogold from the MAC Spring Colour Forecast and am praying it will be in the goodbyes section on the website once payday has been!

final MAC item,
Pearl Cream Colour Base

I read that Luna CCB was a great highlighting product to wear under foundation, but that swatched really silvery on my skin so I went for pearl instead. I'm using it as an eyeshadow base, brow highlight, cheek highlight under foundation or over my blush and MSF to make it more glowy. It's a n awesome multi purpose product.
Here's my FOTD with the MAC items:

continuing with the non-mac now...

Body Butter of the month
Treacle Moon Raspberry Kiss
smells lovely like raspberry yogurt, and has this sweet little ditty on the packaging, oh and it works effectively at moisturising!

More Elf brushes:

This is the blending eye brush on the left, it's got the same purpose as a MAC 217, obviously it's not the same but for £1.50 I can't recommend this enough, it is simply fantastic for blending the crease of your eye, I use it every day!
Next is the small angled brush which is probably the best thing I've found so far to apply their cream eyeliner- if your using something else let me as I might not have tried it!
Then the angled foundation brush, very nice, and finally the bronzing brush- this isn't very soft but its a great size for a cheek contour and also I've been using it to apply the yellow powder over my bobby brown creamy concealer and it's pretty good for that too.
I have almost all the Elf brushes (I think there's 4 in total I don't have) so if you think I should do a review on which ones are must haves and which are not so great let me know :)

can't wait to see more of your March faves!




  1. I love the elf brushes, the quality is brilliant for the price. x

  2. Hue lipstick sounds lovely.


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