Friday, 5 March 2010

February Favourites

This week has been horrible horrible so it has taken me a while to do this, Here are my favourite products for last month, there's more bath products this month as I've been trying to find ways to relax!!


Lush Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar
I love the smell of this, kind of reminds me of 'temple of truth' bubble bar which is now available through Retro Lush, that was my all time favourite bubble bar but Magic Mushroom is pipping it to the post at the moment.

You get about 6 baths out of this tiny looking thing easily, This is how much I use each time:

Look how much foam you get!:

Elf Powder brush Image is from elf's website as my brush currently looks too dirty from use this morning to photograph! I love this for applying liquid foundation, it just gives this amazingly flawless result and is so quick to do. Also great for applying powder, blush, bronzer, highlighter, you get the idea.

Toni&Guy Brunette Blow Dry Styler This must be my HG styling product, I have fine hair but a lot of it, and it has a tendency to lay flat on my head especially if I blow dry it. Also mousse sometimes overpowers it and my hair will end up stiff and flat. This product is awesome! Thats all i can say pretty much. You just spray onto just washed hair and either leave to dry naturally or blow dry, and shazam: thick hair. Can't live without this!

Lush Sugar Scrub
Nothing I've ever used is as effective on cellulite as this is. Mine fell apart so it was a bit pointless taking a picture of green goo that it turned into but it still works.

MAC palette of dreams!

Mine is starting to take shape, I am just over halfway through de potting and have another 3 to buy, which will be neutrals I think. I did have Naked Lunch and Dazzlelight but they got used up recently and didn't make it into the palette. So I have enough empty depotted cases to back2mac with, and get 2 lipsticks! yay yay yay
In mine so far we have:
1st row down:
Beauty marked
2nd row:
3rd row
*empty* (will be Print)
Suspicion (old ltd edition black)
4th row
*empty* will be 'strike a pose' when I've found it
*empty* will be Club
5th row
all empty, will be neutrals

can't wait til it's finished




  1. I use my elf powder brush for putting on liquid foundation too, it works a treat!

  2. I <3 my MAC palette, I've only got one row finished! It's fun day dreaming about what treasures to fill it up with! =) You've got some nice colors in yours!

    If you haven't already, enter my NARS lipgloss set give-a-way! =)

  3. I think I will have to get the elf powder brush! I'm so far off finishing my pallet I only have four so far :( xXx


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