Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer

This classic concealer had been recommended to me many times over the years so at the weekend I finally succumbed and went to get it and thought I'd share my experience of the product with you :)

The MUA absolutely insisted that I had to get the corrector as well as the concealer. There was no recommendation about it, she said I could buy both or neither at all. Hmmm, it does work better with the corrector underneath but I'm sure it also works acceptably alone? My picture there is washing the colours out but the darker one is the red toned corrector in bisque, and the lighter one is the creamy concealer in beige with it's little yellow powder pot underneath.

I really like the packaging of the concealer, it's so easy to use. It has a mirror and you just flip the concealer top up to use the powder. The MUA used a paintbrush-like concealer brush (mine in the photo is the same sort of brush but it's from the body shop) for the corrector first, applied a thick layer and patted it in with her fingers before doing the same with the concealer. Then she used a fluffy eye blending brush like the MAC 217 to blend and apply the powder. The product comes with a puff to use with the powder, and although it is very cute, I can't see how it would be effective. It doesn't fit in the powder compartment to pick it up so you would have to get a brush to put it on your hand anyway, then use the puff, and it can't blend the product in either so kind of pointless if you ask me.

I have to say, the results are pretty steller. This is my comparison photo after I applied the product by myself at home:

No, I don't punch myself in the face before I take these sort of pictures, that is just my lovely dark circles on the right (obviously). The MUA at Bobbi Brown actually told me they werent really that bad which was very sweet of her but clearly a lie!

Hopefully you can see the difference in the corners next to my nose which are my biggest problem area for darkness really.

So good points:

Stays on all day
Doesn't crease in fine lines
Covers exceptionally well
Looks naturally bright
Feels, well, creamy!

I was wearing it yesterday in my FOTD pics, here is a silly leftover one:

I think even though I'm squinting you can see the lightness under the eyes!

I'm really impressed with this product,

Are any others of you fans?

What is your favourite under eye concealer?



  1. Great post, sounds like the MUA was a bit pushy! Product looks great, but your eyes look good without it! Wish mine looked like that naturally. x

  2. The product looks great and you can see the differense!!lovely review!!

  3. I really love the concealer, I sometimes use the corrector in light bisque if I need extra coverage (I'm fair skinned so I tend to go blue rather than dark) but it works really well. I didn't bother buying the powder, instead I use Laura Mercier secret brightening powder to set the concealer. Its gorgeous on your skin x

  4. Thanks missmascara & lovelyviolet x
    @ the blusher- thanks, I'm going on a laura mercier spree next month I think so will check out that powder :) the bobbi brown one comes in the concealer though so you don't have to buy it separately

  5. I've been wanting to get these--just wish they were a little cheaper or at least larger in size!! And the MUA was right, yours aren't that bad! You should see mine!! I showed my naked face on my Maybelline Dream Mousse review and people were like "ahhh!!!!!!!" *lol*


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