Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Back2MAC Lipsticks

Hoorah for back 2 MAC, I have been depotting like mad and had got enough containers (12 empty pans) for 2 free lipsticks!

I chose Hue which I've been meaning to get for like, years but always forgot everytime I did an order or went in the store. It's a glaze, and it's just got the right amount of pinkness in it to make it wearable for all occasions really.
I really piled it on in this photo so you could see the colour but it does go on really sheer


Second I randomly picked one as they'd sold out of all the LE spring colour forecast lippies I might of otherwise looked at. So I chose Hot Tahiti, another glaze, which is a really sheer, pretty, muted red.
These 2 photos were taken literally seconds apart from eachother but it's weird how this lipstick has made my whole face look completely different! I do like reds and don't have a sheer one really so that's why I went for this. I swatched LadyBug and was very tempted but my Mum was there and she said to go for Hot Tahiti. So that's what happened!

Hot Tahiti:

Has anyone else had a lovely B2MAC experience recently?
What did you get??




  1. They both look lovely, but the Hot Tahiti looks especially nice on you. xx

  2. Last time I got Creme Cup, Pervette, Pretty Please and Impassioned. I saved up my pans for agggeeessss but it was so worth it! I know you can exchange a ton of different empty containers because it's on the boxes of the new ones, but do you know where we can find out how many of each you need? x

  3. thanks missmascara :)

    @ lora- u can use any MAC packaging for B2M, 6 pieces of mixed packaging is all they need. You can't give back pencils as far as I know and some places don't take the make up remover wipe packets back but other than that anything goes. it doesn't have to be clean or totally empty either

  4. I have yet to do a Back2Mac, but can't wait until I can!! I buy the eyeshadow refills, so when I'm done with those, can I take the empty pan? I have no idea!!!

    I love glaze lipsticks! I hate for anything to feel heavy on my lips and these are great! Pretty colors too!

    I completely forgot to let you know yesterday...I tagged you in a post! Hope you enjoy mine and respond! http://nvbeauty.blogspot.com/2010/03/whats-in-my-shower.html


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