Friday, 12 March 2010

Alice in Wonderland Look

Elf Cosmetics are running a little fan contest on Facebook where you submit your Alice inspired make up looks to their page, I don't know what you win but it seemed like a cute idea. Here is my white queen (anne hathaway's character) inspired look on my flatmate Claire:


L'oreal visible lift serum inside foundation in Ivory
MAC studio finish concealer
MAC CCB in pearl as highlight
Elf Studio blush in peachy keen

Elf cream eyeshadow duo in coffee&cream as base and for brows
Beauty UK eyeshadow collection 4 on the eyes,
just a blend of cream and taupe with white in the tear duct
MAC espresso shadow applied as a liner using Elf eye primer & liner sealer
Rimmel lash maxx mascara (it's hers, I wouldn't have used this out of choice)

Elf plump&prime lips
MAC liner in Naked
MAC slimshine lipstick in prudeaux
MAC dazzleglass creme in amorous

I did a mad hatter look on myself that was quite off the wall and no-one else had done anything remotely editoral so I left it out! If you want to see it though let me know.

Ok, on request: this is the mad hatter eye make-up I did, I basically copied the colours and stuff that Johnny Depp wears so it's not a pretty look at all really - be prepared for purple face contouring and gold mascara lol

I would say you couldn't leave the house like that but if any of you want to know what i used to do that out of curiousity let me know!




  1. It looks lovely, and yes I would love to see your Mad Hatter look. x

  2. I would love to see the Mad Hatter look too! I'm getting ready to post a contest you should totally enter!!

  3. Ok, it's posted but it is not a wearable look lol!

  4. It looks really good. I know its not for everyday, but its so fun to do out there looks sometimes, it just shows how creative you are. x


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