Wednesday, 31 March 2010

March Favourites

Here we go...

Let's start with the MAC

Hue Lipstick and Boy Bait cremesheen glass
Lip combination du jour is these two products I got this month, Boy Bait is the perfect gloss to go over practically any nude, it gives Hue a peachier look and warms up creme d'nude, gosh darling, barry M 101...any really cool toned nude lipstick. I have been wearing it over basically every nude lipstick as it's got a really nice consistency, scent and it stays on at least 2 hours. Love.

Rosy Outlook and Smut eyeshadows are the eye combo I'm loving, wearing these two practically every day. I really wish I'd got nanogold from the MAC Spring Colour Forecast and am praying it will be in the goodbyes section on the website once payday has been!

final MAC item,
Pearl Cream Colour Base

I read that Luna CCB was a great highlighting product to wear under foundation, but that swatched really silvery on my skin so I went for pearl instead. I'm using it as an eyeshadow base, brow highlight, cheek highlight under foundation or over my blush and MSF to make it more glowy. It's a n awesome multi purpose product.
Here's my FOTD with the MAC items:

continuing with the non-mac now...

Body Butter of the month
Treacle Moon Raspberry Kiss
smells lovely like raspberry yogurt, and has this sweet little ditty on the packaging, oh and it works effectively at moisturising!

More Elf brushes:

This is the blending eye brush on the left, it's got the same purpose as a MAC 217, obviously it's not the same but for £1.50 I can't recommend this enough, it is simply fantastic for blending the crease of your eye, I use it every day!
Next is the small angled brush which is probably the best thing I've found so far to apply their cream eyeliner- if your using something else let me as I might not have tried it!
Then the angled foundation brush, very nice, and finally the bronzing brush- this isn't very soft but its a great size for a cheek contour and also I've been using it to apply the yellow powder over my bobby brown creamy concealer and it's pretty good for that too.
I have almost all the Elf brushes (I think there's 4 in total I don't have) so if you think I should do a review on which ones are must haves and which are not so great let me know :)

can't wait to see more of your March faves!



Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Back2MAC Lipsticks

Hoorah for back 2 MAC, I have been depotting like mad and had got enough containers (12 empty pans) for 2 free lipsticks!

I chose Hue which I've been meaning to get for like, years but always forgot everytime I did an order or went in the store. It's a glaze, and it's just got the right amount of pinkness in it to make it wearable for all occasions really.
I really piled it on in this photo so you could see the colour but it does go on really sheer


Second I randomly picked one as they'd sold out of all the LE spring colour forecast lippies I might of otherwise looked at. So I chose Hot Tahiti, another glaze, which is a really sheer, pretty, muted red.
These 2 photos were taken literally seconds apart from eachother but it's weird how this lipstick has made my whole face look completely different! I do like reds and don't have a sheer one really so that's why I went for this. I swatched LadyBug and was very tempted but my Mum was there and she said to go for Hot Tahiti. So that's what happened!

Hot Tahiti:

Has anyone else had a lovely B2MAC experience recently?
What did you get??



Friday, 19 March 2010

Product Rave: Elf Studio Cream Eyeliner

So I've been using this over a week now and thought I'd put it on here. I got the mineral infused primer at the same time and loved it! It makes my face silky soft and foundation blends in effortlessly over it.

Anyway I got the cream eyeliner in the colour midnight, mistakenly thinking it was black. I know they also have one called black but ok, I'm stupid right? Or just extremely unobservant I guess! I have been wearing this for over a week still thinking it is black, until today when I finally got round to swatching and photographing it in total daylight I can see that it's the same colour as my nail varnish; Big Smoke by Butter London, so therefore it must be steel blue.

Hand Swatch:

It is very dark, it kind of appears a soft black I suppose. I've been wearing it mainly with rosy outlook and smut e/s from MAC and it looked soft black with them

Good Points and some minors:

It stays on forever. Really, really hard wearing but removeseasily with make up remover

The cream texture is really nice and smooth to apply

It stays damp for a few minutes so you've got time to blend or smoke it if you want

It stays on the lower lash line well but not the waterline

It's hard to get the right brush to use with it, I've ordered the Elf studio small angled one to try, but other small angled brushes I've used with it haven't worked well, And don't even think about using the Elf professional eye liner brush in my photo- I just did it and it's a big no-no! I've been using cleaned liquid eyeliner brushes instead which are working well with it

Have you picked up this cream liner too?



Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Spring Summer Fashion Inspired Look

The lovely NV Beauty is running a contest to do editorial, high fashion looks inspired by the Spring Summer '10 trends. She did say it is not meant to be wearable so I really went to town! I actually did the look first my impression of the spring/summer catwalk trends I've seen, then I went looking for proof and found this picture from Jean Paul Gautier's collection:

I think if I had seen this first it definitely represents my look- tribal, but pretty and pastel coloured. Also the colours in the dress are what I used- green and lilac.
Here's the other shots of my look:

And some close ups:

There are SO many products in use for this i'm not going to list them all, but for reference the lipstick is YSL Rouge Volupte 7 (lingerie pink) over Barry M 100 lipstick.
The green under my eye is Humid eyeshadow by MAC amongst other things
The purple is MUFE 92 eyeshadow with a lot of lilac and gold colours blended in and around
The 'warrior print' contouring colours are all MAC: Cranberry, Beauty marked, Tempting, and some white gold coloured pigment. I blended this over metallic mesh from a craft shop to make the pattern
I decided to do quite animalistic contouring of my nose, cheek bones, temples and jaw to make it a little bit fox-like, I did this with a dark cream contour under the foundation. I also highlighted heavily around this with my MAC CCB in pearl.

If you want to know what any of the other colours on my face are or how I did any of it please let me know and I'll do my best to explain!



Friday, 12 March 2010

Alice in Wonderland Look

Elf Cosmetics are running a little fan contest on Facebook where you submit your Alice inspired make up looks to their page, I don't know what you win but it seemed like a cute idea. Here is my white queen (anne hathaway's character) inspired look on my flatmate Claire:


L'oreal visible lift serum inside foundation in Ivory
MAC studio finish concealer
MAC CCB in pearl as highlight
Elf Studio blush in peachy keen

Elf cream eyeshadow duo in coffee&cream as base and for brows
Beauty UK eyeshadow collection 4 on the eyes,
just a blend of cream and taupe with white in the tear duct
MAC espresso shadow applied as a liner using Elf eye primer & liner sealer
Rimmel lash maxx mascara (it's hers, I wouldn't have used this out of choice)

Elf plump&prime lips
MAC liner in Naked
MAC slimshine lipstick in prudeaux
MAC dazzleglass creme in amorous

I did a mad hatter look on myself that was quite off the wall and no-one else had done anything remotely editoral so I left it out! If you want to see it though let me know.

Ok, on request: this is the mad hatter eye make-up I did, I basically copied the colours and stuff that Johnny Depp wears so it's not a pretty look at all really - be prepared for purple face contouring and gold mascara lol

I would say you couldn't leave the house like that but if any of you want to know what i used to do that out of curiousity let me know!



Thursday, 11 March 2010

NOTD -Butter London swatches

I got some more lovely poilshes from Butter London this week and thought i would show you guys:

Firstly this I already had, but here is my swatch of

You need 3 or 4 coats of this polish to get that result, in the swatch it actually has 'akyra' by Zoya underneath but 4 coats of henley regatta looks identical to that.


That's in normal light first and secondly in direct sunlight. This my my NOTD!


With flash and without flash. This is a pure, clean red. I just loved the name of it but an almost exact dupe in 'sasha' by Zoya, although sasha is slightly denser, and to be honest Zoya is better quality than Butter, and that is my opinion as a manicurist!

Zoya is the brand I mainly use for work so I can usually find a Zoya dupe for practically any colour

Have you tried any Butter colours?

What is your top nail brand?



Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer

This classic concealer had been recommended to me many times over the years so at the weekend I finally succumbed and went to get it and thought I'd share my experience of the product with you :)

The MUA absolutely insisted that I had to get the corrector as well as the concealer. There was no recommendation about it, she said I could buy both or neither at all. Hmmm, it does work better with the corrector underneath but I'm sure it also works acceptably alone? My picture there is washing the colours out but the darker one is the red toned corrector in bisque, and the lighter one is the creamy concealer in beige with it's little yellow powder pot underneath.

I really like the packaging of the concealer, it's so easy to use. It has a mirror and you just flip the concealer top up to use the powder. The MUA used a paintbrush-like concealer brush (mine in the photo is the same sort of brush but it's from the body shop) for the corrector first, applied a thick layer and patted it in with her fingers before doing the same with the concealer. Then she used a fluffy eye blending brush like the MAC 217 to blend and apply the powder. The product comes with a puff to use with the powder, and although it is very cute, I can't see how it would be effective. It doesn't fit in the powder compartment to pick it up so you would have to get a brush to put it on your hand anyway, then use the puff, and it can't blend the product in either so kind of pointless if you ask me.

I have to say, the results are pretty steller. This is my comparison photo after I applied the product by myself at home:

No, I don't punch myself in the face before I take these sort of pictures, that is just my lovely dark circles on the right (obviously). The MUA at Bobbi Brown actually told me they werent really that bad which was very sweet of her but clearly a lie!

Hopefully you can see the difference in the corners next to my nose which are my biggest problem area for darkness really.

So good points:

Stays on all day
Doesn't crease in fine lines
Covers exceptionally well
Looks naturally bright
Feels, well, creamy!

I was wearing it yesterday in my FOTD pics, here is a silly leftover one:

I think even though I'm squinting you can see the lightness under the eyes!

I'm really impressed with this product,

Are any others of you fans?

What is your favourite under eye concealer?


Monday, 8 March 2010

Mac goodies FOTD

That picture is me trying to show you guys my ziggy stardust t-shirt but it didn't exactly work! So anyway, I went to MAC...

..And I got: l-r: 'rosy outlook' e/s from Spring Colour Forecast, 'Buddy-up' mineralise blush from too fabulous, 'pearl' CCB, and at the bottom that's 'boy bait' cremesheen gloss from too fabulous as well

Here's the swatches That's l-r: buddy up blush, pearl CCB, rosy outlook e/s and boy bait on the wrist.

Here is my proper FOTD using the products!

Elf mineral face primer
MAC pearl CCB as highlight under and over foundation
L'oreal visible lift serum inside foundation
MAC studio fix concealer over blemish
MAC buddy up mineralise blush
MAC MSF in gold spill


Bobby Brown corrector & creamy concealer
MAC pearl ccb as base and brow highlight
MAC rosy outlook e/s
MAC smut e/s
Elf cream eyeliner in midnight
rimmel professional eyebrow pencil
maybelline pulse perfection mascara

GOSH darling lipstick
MAC boy bait cremesheen gloss

Happy Monday guys!



Friday, 5 March 2010

February Favourites

This week has been horrible horrible so it has taken me a while to do this, Here are my favourite products for last month, there's more bath products this month as I've been trying to find ways to relax!!


Lush Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar
I love the smell of this, kind of reminds me of 'temple of truth' bubble bar which is now available through Retro Lush, that was my all time favourite bubble bar but Magic Mushroom is pipping it to the post at the moment.

You get about 6 baths out of this tiny looking thing easily, This is how much I use each time:

Look how much foam you get!:

Elf Powder brush Image is from elf's website as my brush currently looks too dirty from use this morning to photograph! I love this for applying liquid foundation, it just gives this amazingly flawless result and is so quick to do. Also great for applying powder, blush, bronzer, highlighter, you get the idea.

Toni&Guy Brunette Blow Dry Styler This must be my HG styling product, I have fine hair but a lot of it, and it has a tendency to lay flat on my head especially if I blow dry it. Also mousse sometimes overpowers it and my hair will end up stiff and flat. This product is awesome! Thats all i can say pretty much. You just spray onto just washed hair and either leave to dry naturally or blow dry, and shazam: thick hair. Can't live without this!

Lush Sugar Scrub
Nothing I've ever used is as effective on cellulite as this is. Mine fell apart so it was a bit pointless taking a picture of green goo that it turned into but it still works.

MAC palette of dreams!

Mine is starting to take shape, I am just over halfway through de potting and have another 3 to buy, which will be neutrals I think. I did have Naked Lunch and Dazzlelight but they got used up recently and didn't make it into the palette. So I have enough empty depotted cases to back2mac with, and get 2 lipsticks! yay yay yay
In mine so far we have:
1st row down:
Beauty marked
2nd row:
3rd row
*empty* (will be Print)
Suspicion (old ltd edition black)
4th row
*empty* will be 'strike a pose' when I've found it
*empty* will be Club
5th row
all empty, will be neutrals

can't wait til it's finished



Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Zoya Angel:

On camera kind of reminds me of a metallic version of Light Affair by MAC:

Angel is more pinky/mauve toned in daylight than Light affair is, it came out with MACs love lace collection and I'm so gutted I lost it! I loved that colour, the photo is one from my archives, it's what I wore on my nails for new years eve.

Still, unless it turns up again i'm liking Zoya Angel as an alternative



Monday, 1 March 2010

Mascara Review: Maybelline Pulse Perfection

Late as ever on reviewing this, I wasn't interested enough to get this when it first came out so waited til it was reduced to £9.99 and on 3for2 offer in Boots last weekend.

So here is the packaging and the 'trigger' that you press to keep it vibrating:

It is kind of annoying that you have to hold the trigger down the whole time, and difficult to do when I'm doing my left eye with my right hand obviously.
However, it does give quite a good result. Like the MAC one I reviewed last week this doesn't really provide volume.

The picture might be a bit disturbing because I'm actually really upset today and didn't really feel like taking pictures of my face!

It gives a really similar result to the MAC studio fix mascara to be fair, the 2 photos of my eye are almost identical. This one is actually easier to use though, you can only put two coats on or it starts to clump but you only need two coats. Also after a few hours you can touch it up and it won't clump up which I was pretty impressed by. It actually separates the lashes out again which is quite nice.

I did use it without the vibrate on and found it doesn't work as well though! Maybe it's my imagination but has anyone else found that?