Monday, 8 February 2010

The under rated red

I have a confession: I quite like Maybelline lipsticks! I am a MAC, NARS & Dior girl at heart but I do like the ColorSensational Maybelline lipsticks. The one pictured I picked up at the weekend and it is 'Hollywood Red'. It's a nice soft red, very easy to wear. Obviously nowhere near as bright as the more popular 'Fatal Red' from the range.

I was going to do a face picture but I'm at work and the office lighting is heinous so it's impossible to get a halfway attractive picture that the camera will actually focus on so i'll stick with swatches for you guys:

So things i like about these lipsicks (I also have Ambre Rose and Drive me nuts)are the texture, they're really creamy and smooth feeling. The colour payoff, they're pretty pigmented, and the durability, they stay put a long time.

Has anyone else had a good experience with these?


  1. seen a few swatches of these, Bubblegarm found a near-exact match to NARS Turkish Delight in the form of one of these ! xxxx

  2. I looked up that post, thanks hun xx


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