Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Project 10 Pan Experience

So I have finished project 10 pan, affectionately referred to as project 10-thousand pan on my last blog whilst I was doing it. It was a bit different to most people's experience as mine was brought on by necessity of not being able to afford anything, and I had chosen beauty over food for too long!

I wasn't counting bath and shower products as I think the lesson is slightly lost when you do that-

I have 200 lipsticks and eyeshadows so I am going to stop buying them til I've used up 10 shower gels then buy more lipstick.

Where is the sense?

So this is what I've used

MAC glimmerglass in blackfire from style black
MAC cremesheen in partial to pink from Magic, Mirth& Mischief
MAC Plush Lash mascara
MAC Select moisturecover concealer NC30
MAC suntints balm in lilt of lily from baby blooms
L'oreal extra volume collagene mascara
L'oreal visible lift serum inside foundation
(not really an achievement as I have another 5 of these)
L'oreal true match powder
ELF studio liner & shadow stick, the black one
ELF studio concealer pencil&brush
(the lids hit each other now so I think that counts)
Johnson's 24hour moisturiser (didn't adore this)
Nivea soothe & protect lipbalm (again, I have another 5 so this isn't a big deal)

So as you can see, if I find another MAC thing I can do B2M as well, yay!!
Despite this usage I still can't buy things in abundance as funding will not allow at the moment but luckily I found this little lot whilst I was looking for something else (a nude gloss to go over the Barry M 101 lipstick. Gloss is still eluding me though)

So that's a whole bunch of Soap&Glory stuff i didn't even know I had, favourite body spray from Superdug, my Aussie hair mousse which I've been looking for ages for, ditto the MAC MSF natural, and also a really old boots bronzer but it looks quite cool, and extremely old YSL christmas palette. It is so cute though I'm going to use it anyway.

nb. In this closet venture I also found a saucepan that had been taken to a festival last summer (clean, thank god!) and the head of a spice girl barbie I had when i was 12. I have moved house about 5 timessince then so I don't know how that happened!

Is anyone else on P10P?




  1. I attempted a complet spending ban and failed maybe going cold turkey was the wrong approch I might try project 10 pan but I just think it will take for ever as I chop and change what im using to offten. How long have you been on project 10 pan??? x

  2. its only taken me 6 weeks but thats bcos i focus on products that are 2/3rds empty already, if i started on new products it would take me like a year! Also re-applying lipgloss very diligently helps a lot lol xx


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