Monday, 1 February 2010

Products I Am Loving Right Now

Let's get started, i am usually a bit of a make up snob and stick to MAC and other higher end brands but these are mostly cheapy things I'm loving strangely


Barry M 101 lip paint

Why did I never get it before?! because I thought it must be rubbish if they sell it in superdrug I suppose but I LOVE it! Loads of people had told me on my last blog site to get this and until this weekend, I ignored them. But thankfully I did get it eventually :)
I thought i'd need a nude gloss over it to make it wearable but I've actually been wearing it alone and love the finish.

That is a very pose-y picture but you get the idea!


No 7 electric purple eyeshadow
I'm sort of collecting these shadows at the moment with those vouchers you get at boots lately in the UK, this is a really vivid purple, kind of like violet trance by MAC. I'm wearing it in my crease in the picture above with Tempting shadow by MAC, which is my new favourite eye shadow combinition :) I quite like the No7 shadows but there's no way I'd buy them at full price, they're not that good


Bourjois Volume Glamour mascara in Ultra Black

I thought this was going to be awful because it looks so boring and it was like £4 or something but actually, it's pretty good. This is totally going to tide me over til Diorshow Extase comes out over here. I heart Diorshow.

Butter London Nail polishes
they are pretty cool, this is 'henley regatta' which I got a couple of weeks ago, I work in a nail studio at night and loads of clients have been going for it, it's soo pretty!

That's it at the minute, there's a thousand things from MAC that I'm always loving and the same with Elf brushes but as they're not new to me it seems a bit pointless putting them in! I might do a 'my favourite brands for..' post to explain what sort of brands i use the most.

I'm still figuring out how to use this site compared to my old one, last night i tried to reply to 2 comments and it posted 44 replies from me! I really am untalented with this website lol but I am getting there




  1. great post, i have 101 but i find it a tad drying and makes me teeth look yellow.... attractive! lol =D x

  2. Thanks, i do have to scrub my lips before i put it on as it shows up flakes like in h-d practically lol. All pale lipsticks make my teeth look yellow, i just try to keep my mouth shut!

  3. You should try barry M toffee lipgloss its perfect nude kinda gloss. I use it with my MAC myth or ELF nymph and its goes perfeclty with both. Nice post. xx.


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