Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Maybelline dream creamy foundation

I fully expected to loathe this. I have never liked a maybelline foundation before and think dream matte mousse is the worst thing that ever came out of cosmetic-dom. But I am surprised, for a £6.99 foundation it's not bad.
The picture at the side here is how it looks after being attacked with a brush for 3 days! The shade is 21 nude/beige dore, which is the second lightest.

Ok, so reasons to like:

For me it's a good colour, i find almost all high street foundations are pink toned and even the very lightest ones look faintly orange, but this has a yellow undertone which is good for me.

The texture is nice to use, it does feel creamy when you put it on and is nice to use

It stays on for a good 6 hours on me, this is the opposite of what most people have said but that's just for me.

Here is a very scary picture of me with the foundation on half my face and NOTHING on the other half (wincing as I post this):

Yeah, where it looks like I have a black eye or a bit like quasimodo, that's the no make up side, and that is just my lovely bags!

Now, Reasons I don't like it:

The packaging is truly awful, it is so awkward to use it's like they made it back to front or something. The product shouldn't twist off in my opinion, It should flip open at both sides and there should be a Mirror!

The sponge applicator- ew. I'm sure most people tossed this straight in the bin and used a brush, I attempted to use it first with the sponge provided, it went on very thin and streaky and didn't blend well. With a foundation brush I got an acceptable finish though

It dries to a powdery finish on my skin, (which is drier than dry by nature) and it actually shows up dry patches that you didn't even know were there. For a foundation for drier skin i was expecting a dewy finish.

Now, here is the fully made up face, I do actually look like I'm in west end pantomime because I was asked to show fatal red lipstick with gloss on and thought I'd tie it in with this post, rest assured i am not spending the rest of the afternoon looking like this!




  1. good review :)

    does this make your skin break out? i have read two other reviews on this and both said they suffererd breakouts atfer a week or so of using it?

    But was thinking prob diferent for different people.. and skin types.

  2. Ugh...I was hoping this would be a good one for dry skin. I was planning on trying this when my current foundations are gone---maybe not. Hmm..we'll see. Thanks for the info!
    If you haven't already, enter my give-a-way!

  3. Ergh I do hate them sponges, like you I normally try it once and find its nasty and doesn't work well, then I throw it.
    The foundation actually gives a good coverage, but with it being creamy does it cause break outs for you?

    Oh and btw thanks for the showing the fatal lipstick with gloss over it :)


  4. @sarbeauty- my skin is really dry so i don't really get break outs, however last night I did notice some little spots on my forehead so maybe connected to the foundation...
    @fee- no problem :) that lipstick does seem to appear quite matte in photos even with the gloss over it
    @nv beauty- i will have a look, can i still enter if im in the UK?


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