Wednesday, 24 February 2010

MAC Studio Fix Mascara

So here's my review of the newest MAC mascara, I know it's been out a while but it only came to the UK a couple of weeks ago!
Here is the packaging: So it looks like most MAC mascaras basically, nothing particularly interesting about how it looks. I'm always interested to try all MAC mascaras that get brought out so I got it last week whilst they had free shipping and got a 15 palette I needed as well :)

I wasn't sure about the brush-I'm still not really. I'd heard it compared to Max factor False lash Effect (hate this) or lash blast which i think is the same thing (hate): I generally don't like plastic rubbery brushes. But still it is MAC so I had to find out

It goes on like the MAC Zoom fast black mascara, very quickly looking 'done' with one coat, however if you let it dry between coats you get Spider-Lash

With one coat:

And with 2 coats spider lash style:

That is what happens if you let the first coat dry inbetween applications, at first i found it difficult to build it to get volume as it's such a wet formula but eventually I sort of got there:

Obviously I've finished doing my make up in this pic so I have eyeliner on, but i can see an improvement.
So to summarise:

Great at lengthening and lifting
Doesn't clump easily and separates all the lashes well
Very quick to apply
Not very good for Volume

Anyone else given this mascara a go yet?




  1. How long are your lashes lady!
    It looks pretty good for not clumping.


  2. your eyelashes are actually AMAZING.



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