Friday, 26 February 2010

Ins and Outs

So my February Favourites was shaping up to be an epic, so i thought as there's some things I'm not loving as well I'd break it up into an Ins and Outs followed by February favourites.
So without further ado:

Lush stuff

That is the remains of my magic mushroom bubble bar (more about in feb faves)and the 2 face mask samples the lovely Lush people generously decanted for me.
The light in the face mask photo is very bad but that about 5 applications each of mask of magnamity and a crash course in skincare

mask of magnamity is a deep cleansing scrub/mask which has left my skin feeling squeaky clean and has been helping to combat the break out i now have as (i suspect) a result of maybelline dream creamy foundation.

a crash course in skincare is a moisturising radiance mask which has been leaving my skin silky soft and radiant looking, I will definitely be purchasing this- I love it! I have dry skin and probably isn't suitable for oilier types though.

Elf brush cleansing shampoo Again this photo is dark so not very helpful but you can see the size of the product. I thought it would be bigger so I was initially disappointed, but after about 10 uses I seem to have barely reduced the amount of shampoo in the bottle so it is definitely worth the money. I've used MAC and Bobbi Brown brush cleansers before as well as some salon brands and can say the Elf one is just as effective. I am extremely lazy so tend to take this in the shower with me and clean them in there whilst my scalp treatment or deep conditioner is working. This probably isn't a recommended method as the brushes obviously get very wet but it works for me :)
I think Elf used to do a brush disinfecting spray when the studio line was first launched, that seemed like a great idea so does anyone know why they've discontinued that or if it's coming back? here are a few brushes I cleaned anyway:

Soap & Glory
I've never been a huge fan of Soap&Glory but have been loving both the hair mask and (mainly) the shower cream wash clean on me I've been using this as a bubble bath as it lathers up so well, you can see from my photo- taken in the bath haha, that it creates a fair bit of foam and makes very soft moisturising bubbles. It's nowhere near the Lush bubble bar levels of bubble-ness but still pretty nice especially if you haven't got long in the bath

Now for the Outs

Going grey!
I have always got the odd grey hair in times of stress since I was about 17 (!) But it has stepped up a gear this time which is very annoying. That little white line that could be part of the jeans to be fair in that photo is the root of my hair!! Panic stations lol. I dye my hair with L'oreal casting creme gloss in black cherry, which is a very dark auburn- it's slightly brighter than my natural colour. If anyone has a permenant dye recommendation for me in a similar colour I'm happy to hear it!

Nivea Natural Beauty Radiance Boosting Moisturiser

Not only does this moisturiser have the longest name ever, it is just doing nothing for me :( Maybe it would work better on a normal/oily skin type (young skin I might add, this would do nothing for fine lines at all) It pears off if you try and apply a primer over it which is annoying and kind of gross! It just doesn't moisturise my skin whatsoever, it just sits on top of my face with it's cheap shimmery sheen. Roll on pay day and much overdue trip to L'occitane.

Maybelline dream creamy foundation
I reviewed this earlier in the week and I wasn't feeling too bad about it, since then i have had a breakout for the first time ever. I wasn't really aware that my skin was even capable of producing oil to be honest! If I don't moisturise as soon as I've cleansed or showered then my skin will immediately start to crumble. My face doesn't sweat, doesn't grease up at the end of the day, does not break out. I do look after it so it appears to anyone that sees me that I have normal, fairly perfect skin, in fact I'm always being complimented on it so this was the last thing I was expecting! I'll give it another week but if it doesn't improve this is getting binned.

TFI Friday everyone, have a great weekend!




  1. i told you that dream creamy crap was bad, bad news! xxxx

  2. I know, why didnt i listen lol, i didnt have a problem with it staying on or anything just can't believe it broke me out! xxxx


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