Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Elf Time- minty lip gloss!

As you may have noticed I am on a bit of a low budget beauty kick at the moment, this is not typical believe me, I can't wait til my finances are sorted out and I can do a NARS post or a MAC haul. Until then i am making do with things you can buy in boots as I have a lot of boots vouchers, and other extremely affordable make up.

One low cost brand I have supported from the minute they came to the UK is ELF. I know all you guys love them and this is nothing new though :)

So I was picking up a concealer for my flatmate -I love the eye concealer & highlighter duo and have got every woman I know using it, it's pretty great stuff.

And i decided to get another of the minty lipglosses, I have 'miami' already and I adore the taste, texture, and sheerness of it.
My new one is the colour 'nashville' and there they are next to eachother. Nashville is the nude.

My lips are very pigmented, so this comes out a bit pinker then it would on a lot of people i imagine, here it is on:

And I love it over the Barry M 101 lipstick, you know I said last week I was looking for a certain nude gloss to go over this? (It was actually boy bait by MAC and I am going to have to repurchase when Too Fabulous collection launches over here as I still can't find it) But anyway, loving the Elf gloss over it:

I also got some of there brush shampoo which I'm going to try tonight, and one of the only brushes I didn't have, i want to say they've called it a powder brush? can't remember but it's a flat head kabuki on a stick. I'm crazy about this brush now, I was going to do a product rave about it tomorrow but now i've gotthinking about all the Elf prep stuff that I probably use every day I might do a top elf products post for me instead. Let me know watcha think.

Has anyone else got some minty glosses- what colours have you got??




  1. gorgeous pics, your skin is amazing. I love ELF too, not so much the normal range but I'm loving the studio line. Did u see my post about the 20% off?!

    I done a big order yesterday, and that powder brush is awesome! i love the bronze/blush duo, been wearing it ever since it landed on my doormat =D xxx

  2. thank u :) have you used the brush to put liquid foundation on? that's what i did today and it's awesome! I do like some of their standard line too, i feel a comprehensive post about this coming on tomorrow lol. I did see it :) good shout, wish I'd waited a day to do my order

  3. nah ive been using my bourjois foundation alot lately which comes with its own mini buffer brush, i will try it with my new healthy mix foundation tho!

    snap, i done a big order last week =0/ lol x

  4. Great pictures! You have pretty lips! My favourite product from elf is probably their eyeshadow brush..It used to be the eyelash curler too but they changed that so now it's slightly different. I'm interested in hearing more about their brush shampoo - sounds interesting! :)

  5. @musicalhouses- thanks! i might do a review later in the week of the brush shampoo, i've been usin it quite a bit x

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