Thursday, 11 February 2010

Elf favourites

I was going to do a product rave about the Elf powder brush and how awesome it is, then i got to thinking about all the stuff I use on a near enough daily basis from Elf cosetics and decided to write about them. This is stuff I couldn't do without now, I have pretty much one of everything they do with the exception of Studio powder products ie eyeshadow, blush, hd powder. i haven't got round to that yet but have tried everything else so if you want my opinion on anything that they do feel free to ask.

First i tipped out my work make up bag and photographed the Elf bits that were in there:

Then realised all my stuff is fairly beaten up and unreognisable so I'm going to use pics from their website

In the picture are the standard line 'eyeshadow brush' which is like the Studio line 'C' brush (also pictured) but smaller and less firm. I like the eyeshadow brush a lot and have 3 of them. Also in the photo is the standard foundation brush again, I love it, it's not exactly MAC or Louise Young quality but it will definitely do the job for £1.50. Tere's the eye defining brush again standard line, Then my baby the 'powder brush' from Studio line which i mentioned yesterday, this is soo going in my February favourites.
The Studio Line brushes look nicer but there is nothing wrong with the quality of the standard line brushes either. Just thought I'd put that out there.

Eye primer & liner sealer
this is in my photo but you can't tell what it is, so here's the proper one:
It has an eyeshadow primer which does last and prevents creasing, about the same as every other eye primer I've used, but the real reason I re purchase this is the liner sealer. It's not a new idea I know but it works so much better than any others that I'vetried, it lasts all day and works well with ANY finish of eyeshadow. Amazingly good product

Lip primer & Plumper

Very similar aesthetically to the above product, this has a plumping lip balm on one end which is very effective but hurts like hell, and the primer on the other. I like that it competely nudes out your lips as I know i've said before, mine are very pink so to get a true colour from a lip product on me I have to nude em out. It is quite drying so make sure your lips are moisturised first, but it does give lipgloss or lipstick great staying power once applied.

Under Eye concealer & highlighter

As I said yesterday, I have got every woman I know using this, it is such great value for money! I find the highlighter really brightens the eye rea on it's ow, then the concealer really covers everything. You would need to re apply after 4/5 hours but it is pretty great.

Sheilding Hydro Tint spf15 I would not contemplate going to a music festival in Summer without this, it gives light foundation coverage, which is definitely enough in Summer. Covers sunburn well and feels nice, has spf to stop you getting burnt in the first place, gives a nice dewy finish and is really moisturising. It's £1.50 and lasts ages. It is a Summer essential. No doubt about it!

Those are my top 5, Also deserving a mention are:
All over cover stick- great base for foundation and on-the go concealer
All over colour stick- great 3in1 colour travel item. like an insanely cheap multiple
Brush Shampoo- just as effective as a more expensive one and it's one of the cheapest you can get
Mineral Lipsticks- nice colour payoff usually, good texture
Mineral eye and lip liners- creamy soft texture, tend to have good staying power
Concealer pencil and brush- this is high coverage and neat to use, great for covering bruises (ahem)
Eyebrow Lifter & Filler- this is in the picture, keep it sharpened properly and it's a great eyebrow tool
Eyeliner & shadow stick- smokey eyes, fast. that eye liner is ultra smooth and thick like a gel liner.

So those are things i think are definitely worth looking into, and like i said I have everything except studio line blush, powder or eyeshadow so if you want to know what i think about any products please let me know!




  1. Yeah, ELF has some good deals. I have the HD powder and I still can't makeup my mind if I like it. It's ok. I have their fan brush, don't like that too much. But their smokey eye kit is awesome!! The eyeshadows in there are insainly pigmented!! I was shocked!! Try it if you haven't yet! They always have great eye lash curlers!!

  2. ooo i want the elf concelear! im having problems with undereye dark circles :(

    thanks for the review!


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