Thursday, 4 February 2010

Cranberry Blush?

I love cranberry eyeshadow by MAC in all it's burnished reddy gloriousness. I have spent many a moment wishing for MAC to make cranberry into a blush, and fantasizing about what formula this blush would be:

cranberry metallic creme blush? nice thought,
mineralize cranberry? Very nice.

Why don't they make a whole collection of eyeshadow-inspired blushes? It would be gorgeous. Maybe, or it might just be me pining after what doesn't exist for the sake of it :)

Anyway this is cranberry eyyeshadow just to remind you if you don't already have it:

It's a frost, and you might not be able to see the pearlised metallic finish in that picture but it's VERY pretty.

So i thought this morning, why not just put it on my cheek?
So I did, very sparingly though as it is a very pigmented eyeshadow.
cheek picture:
I tried to take a full face photo but the lighting at work where I am and my camera don't go well together so it kept looking shadowy or refusing to focus. Stupid technology.
Surprisingly though the photos where I am looking most fed up waiting for the camera to focus are the best ones, so here are my attempts!

I am also wearing Urban Decay Naked lipgloss over the Barry M 101, I thik the gloss is discontinued now but you can still get the lipstick. It's got a pinky tone to it so I have to nude out my lips first as they are very pignented so the naked gloss just looks pink otherwise.
I have an old MSF in gold spill over my cheekbones,
My eyeliner is deep truth by MAC using the ELF eye primer & liner sealer to apply it. It's a clear liner basically that you dip into shadows to line with. I could not live without this!

I have looked at the MAC blush collection quite extensively to see if there's a cranberry-a-like, but if you think i've missed something please let me know!




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