Friday, 26 February 2010

Ins and Outs

So my February Favourites was shaping up to be an epic, so i thought as there's some things I'm not loving as well I'd break it up into an Ins and Outs followed by February favourites.
So without further ado:

Lush stuff

That is the remains of my magic mushroom bubble bar (more about in feb faves)and the 2 face mask samples the lovely Lush people generously decanted for me.
The light in the face mask photo is very bad but that about 5 applications each of mask of magnamity and a crash course in skincare

mask of magnamity is a deep cleansing scrub/mask which has left my skin feeling squeaky clean and has been helping to combat the break out i now have as (i suspect) a result of maybelline dream creamy foundation.

a crash course in skincare is a moisturising radiance mask which has been leaving my skin silky soft and radiant looking, I will definitely be purchasing this- I love it! I have dry skin and probably isn't suitable for oilier types though.

Elf brush cleansing shampoo Again this photo is dark so not very helpful but you can see the size of the product. I thought it would be bigger so I was initially disappointed, but after about 10 uses I seem to have barely reduced the amount of shampoo in the bottle so it is definitely worth the money. I've used MAC and Bobbi Brown brush cleansers before as well as some salon brands and can say the Elf one is just as effective. I am extremely lazy so tend to take this in the shower with me and clean them in there whilst my scalp treatment or deep conditioner is working. This probably isn't a recommended method as the brushes obviously get very wet but it works for me :)
I think Elf used to do a brush disinfecting spray when the studio line was first launched, that seemed like a great idea so does anyone know why they've discontinued that or if it's coming back? here are a few brushes I cleaned anyway:

Soap & Glory
I've never been a huge fan of Soap&Glory but have been loving both the hair mask and (mainly) the shower cream wash clean on me I've been using this as a bubble bath as it lathers up so well, you can see from my photo- taken in the bath haha, that it creates a fair bit of foam and makes very soft moisturising bubbles. It's nowhere near the Lush bubble bar levels of bubble-ness but still pretty nice especially if you haven't got long in the bath

Now for the Outs

Going grey!
I have always got the odd grey hair in times of stress since I was about 17 (!) But it has stepped up a gear this time which is very annoying. That little white line that could be part of the jeans to be fair in that photo is the root of my hair!! Panic stations lol. I dye my hair with L'oreal casting creme gloss in black cherry, which is a very dark auburn- it's slightly brighter than my natural colour. If anyone has a permenant dye recommendation for me in a similar colour I'm happy to hear it!

Nivea Natural Beauty Radiance Boosting Moisturiser

Not only does this moisturiser have the longest name ever, it is just doing nothing for me :( Maybe it would work better on a normal/oily skin type (young skin I might add, this would do nothing for fine lines at all) It pears off if you try and apply a primer over it which is annoying and kind of gross! It just doesn't moisturise my skin whatsoever, it just sits on top of my face with it's cheap shimmery sheen. Roll on pay day and much overdue trip to L'occitane.

Maybelline dream creamy foundation
I reviewed this earlier in the week and I wasn't feeling too bad about it, since then i have had a breakout for the first time ever. I wasn't really aware that my skin was even capable of producing oil to be honest! If I don't moisturise as soon as I've cleansed or showered then my skin will immediately start to crumble. My face doesn't sweat, doesn't grease up at the end of the day, does not break out. I do look after it so it appears to anyone that sees me that I have normal, fairly perfect skin, in fact I'm always being complimented on it so this was the last thing I was expecting! I'll give it another week but if it doesn't improve this is getting binned.

TFI Friday everyone, have a great weekend!



Wednesday, 24 February 2010

MAC Studio Fix Mascara

So here's my review of the newest MAC mascara, I know it's been out a while but it only came to the UK a couple of weeks ago!
Here is the packaging: So it looks like most MAC mascaras basically, nothing particularly interesting about how it looks. I'm always interested to try all MAC mascaras that get brought out so I got it last week whilst they had free shipping and got a 15 palette I needed as well :)

I wasn't sure about the brush-I'm still not really. I'd heard it compared to Max factor False lash Effect (hate this) or lash blast which i think is the same thing (hate): I generally don't like plastic rubbery brushes. But still it is MAC so I had to find out

It goes on like the MAC Zoom fast black mascara, very quickly looking 'done' with one coat, however if you let it dry between coats you get Spider-Lash

With one coat:

And with 2 coats spider lash style:

That is what happens if you let the first coat dry inbetween applications, at first i found it difficult to build it to get volume as it's such a wet formula but eventually I sort of got there:

Obviously I've finished doing my make up in this pic so I have eyeliner on, but i can see an improvement.
So to summarise:

Great at lengthening and lifting
Doesn't clump easily and separates all the lashes well
Very quick to apply
Not very good for Volume

Anyone else given this mascara a go yet?



Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Maybelline dream creamy foundation

I fully expected to loathe this. I have never liked a maybelline foundation before and think dream matte mousse is the worst thing that ever came out of cosmetic-dom. But I am surprised, for a £6.99 foundation it's not bad.
The picture at the side here is how it looks after being attacked with a brush for 3 days! The shade is 21 nude/beige dore, which is the second lightest.

Ok, so reasons to like:

For me it's a good colour, i find almost all high street foundations are pink toned and even the very lightest ones look faintly orange, but this has a yellow undertone which is good for me.

The texture is nice to use, it does feel creamy when you put it on and is nice to use

It stays on for a good 6 hours on me, this is the opposite of what most people have said but that's just for me.

Here is a very scary picture of me with the foundation on half my face and NOTHING on the other half (wincing as I post this):

Yeah, where it looks like I have a black eye or a bit like quasimodo, that's the no make up side, and that is just my lovely bags!

Now, Reasons I don't like it:

The packaging is truly awful, it is so awkward to use it's like they made it back to front or something. The product shouldn't twist off in my opinion, It should flip open at both sides and there should be a Mirror!

The sponge applicator- ew. I'm sure most people tossed this straight in the bin and used a brush, I attempted to use it first with the sponge provided, it went on very thin and streaky and didn't blend well. With a foundation brush I got an acceptable finish though

It dries to a powdery finish on my skin, (which is drier than dry by nature) and it actually shows up dry patches that you didn't even know were there. For a foundation for drier skin i was expecting a dewy finish.

Now, here is the fully made up face, I do actually look like I'm in west end pantomime because I was asked to show fatal red lipstick with gloss on and thought I'd tie it in with this post, rest assured i am not spending the rest of the afternoon looking like this!



Monday, 22 February 2010

Boots 3 for 2 spree

Sorry I've been AWOL last week, changing jobs/boyfriends at the same time has been taking it's toll!

So I went a bit cheap make up crazy and took advantage of boots' 3 for 2 offers on maybelline and Rimmel. These are both make up brands I usually hate I might add but thought I'd play around with it.

I got:

Maybelline colorsensational lipstick in fatal red, I do actually like these lipsticks as I've said before so that's an alright purchase

Maybelline Pulse perfection mascara- much cheaper than the Estee Lauder one which is supposed to be awesome so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon better late than never Lol

Maybelline dream creamy foundation- A lot of people had recommended me this and I will do a review of it this week

Now onto the Rimmel lipsticks, I've never bothered with them before but i was playing around swatching them and decided they felt quite smooth and nice so I got some neutral colours that are easy to wear:

Volume booster lipstick in glam (lipstick shot is kinda pointless as the sun is shining on it)

This one is definitely the smoothest application and it's a terracotta toned nude. It's very creamy

Volume booster Lipstick in Parade:

It's a frosty mauve toned nude, still a nice day colour but not as moisturising as 'glam' is and it has a bit of shimmer

Moisture renew Bronze lipstick in Summer Angel

The photos really don't do this justice, It's super wearable sheer nude with a bit of shimmer. It's very smooth feeling like a balm almost and very nice.

And here's the FOTD, wearing glam and summer angel lipsticks together:

I will be doing at lot more posts this week so stay tuned, happy Monday everyone!



Thursday, 11 February 2010

Elf favourites

I was going to do a product rave about the Elf powder brush and how awesome it is, then i got to thinking about all the stuff I use on a near enough daily basis from Elf cosetics and decided to write about them. This is stuff I couldn't do without now, I have pretty much one of everything they do with the exception of Studio powder products ie eyeshadow, blush, hd powder. i haven't got round to that yet but have tried everything else so if you want my opinion on anything that they do feel free to ask.

First i tipped out my work make up bag and photographed the Elf bits that were in there:

Then realised all my stuff is fairly beaten up and unreognisable so I'm going to use pics from their website

In the picture are the standard line 'eyeshadow brush' which is like the Studio line 'C' brush (also pictured) but smaller and less firm. I like the eyeshadow brush a lot and have 3 of them. Also in the photo is the standard foundation brush again, I love it, it's not exactly MAC or Louise Young quality but it will definitely do the job for £1.50. Tere's the eye defining brush again standard line, Then my baby the 'powder brush' from Studio line which i mentioned yesterday, this is soo going in my February favourites.
The Studio Line brushes look nicer but there is nothing wrong with the quality of the standard line brushes either. Just thought I'd put that out there.

Eye primer & liner sealer
this is in my photo but you can't tell what it is, so here's the proper one:
It has an eyeshadow primer which does last and prevents creasing, about the same as every other eye primer I've used, but the real reason I re purchase this is the liner sealer. It's not a new idea I know but it works so much better than any others that I'vetried, it lasts all day and works well with ANY finish of eyeshadow. Amazingly good product

Lip primer & Plumper

Very similar aesthetically to the above product, this has a plumping lip balm on one end which is very effective but hurts like hell, and the primer on the other. I like that it competely nudes out your lips as I know i've said before, mine are very pink so to get a true colour from a lip product on me I have to nude em out. It is quite drying so make sure your lips are moisturised first, but it does give lipgloss or lipstick great staying power once applied.

Under Eye concealer & highlighter

As I said yesterday, I have got every woman I know using this, it is such great value for money! I find the highlighter really brightens the eye rea on it's ow, then the concealer really covers everything. You would need to re apply after 4/5 hours but it is pretty great.

Sheilding Hydro Tint spf15 I would not contemplate going to a music festival in Summer without this, it gives light foundation coverage, which is definitely enough in Summer. Covers sunburn well and feels nice, has spf to stop you getting burnt in the first place, gives a nice dewy finish and is really moisturising. It's £1.50 and lasts ages. It is a Summer essential. No doubt about it!

Those are my top 5, Also deserving a mention are:
All over cover stick- great base for foundation and on-the go concealer
All over colour stick- great 3in1 colour travel item. like an insanely cheap multiple
Brush Shampoo- just as effective as a more expensive one and it's one of the cheapest you can get
Mineral Lipsticks- nice colour payoff usually, good texture
Mineral eye and lip liners- creamy soft texture, tend to have good staying power
Concealer pencil and brush- this is high coverage and neat to use, great for covering bruises (ahem)
Eyebrow Lifter & Filler- this is in the picture, keep it sharpened properly and it's a great eyebrow tool
Eyeliner & shadow stick- smokey eyes, fast. that eye liner is ultra smooth and thick like a gel liner.

So those are things i think are definitely worth looking into, and like i said I have everything except studio line blush, powder or eyeshadow so if you want to know what i think about any products please let me know!



Sorry MAC...

I love MAC, I really do, and it's great they'ure using Lady gaga to represent them, But does this picture of her wearing her new MAC lipstick not terrify anybody else?!

I saw it in the paper this morning, image is from

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Elf Time- minty lip gloss!

As you may have noticed I am on a bit of a low budget beauty kick at the moment, this is not typical believe me, I can't wait til my finances are sorted out and I can do a NARS post or a MAC haul. Until then i am making do with things you can buy in boots as I have a lot of boots vouchers, and other extremely affordable make up.

One low cost brand I have supported from the minute they came to the UK is ELF. I know all you guys love them and this is nothing new though :)

So I was picking up a concealer for my flatmate -I love the eye concealer & highlighter duo and have got every woman I know using it, it's pretty great stuff.

And i decided to get another of the minty lipglosses, I have 'miami' already and I adore the taste, texture, and sheerness of it.
My new one is the colour 'nashville' and there they are next to eachother. Nashville is the nude.

My lips are very pigmented, so this comes out a bit pinker then it would on a lot of people i imagine, here it is on:

And I love it over the Barry M 101 lipstick, you know I said last week I was looking for a certain nude gloss to go over this? (It was actually boy bait by MAC and I am going to have to repurchase when Too Fabulous collection launches over here as I still can't find it) But anyway, loving the Elf gloss over it:

I also got some of there brush shampoo which I'm going to try tonight, and one of the only brushes I didn't have, i want to say they've called it a powder brush? can't remember but it's a flat head kabuki on a stick. I'm crazy about this brush now, I was going to do a product rave about it tomorrow but now i've gotthinking about all the Elf prep stuff that I probably use every day I might do a top elf products post for me instead. Let me know watcha think.

Has anyone else got some minty glosses- what colours have you got??



Monday, 8 February 2010

The under rated red

I have a confession: I quite like Maybelline lipsticks! I am a MAC, NARS & Dior girl at heart but I do like the ColorSensational Maybelline lipsticks. The one pictured I picked up at the weekend and it is 'Hollywood Red'. It's a nice soft red, very easy to wear. Obviously nowhere near as bright as the more popular 'Fatal Red' from the range.

I was going to do a face picture but I'm at work and the office lighting is heinous so it's impossible to get a halfway attractive picture that the camera will actually focus on so i'll stick with swatches for you guys:

So things i like about these lipsicks (I also have Ambre Rose and Drive me nuts)are the texture, they're really creamy and smooth feeling. The colour payoff, they're pretty pigmented, and the durability, they stay put a long time.

Has anyone else had a good experience with these?

Friday, 5 February 2010

Bourjois Volume Glamour Mascara

Here's a cheapy mascara review for you today: Bourjois Volume Glamour mascara in Ultra Black.

I got this as it was particularly cheap in Superdrug just to tide me over until Diorshow Extase is released in the UK- If any of you know when that is happening please please let me know!!

I'v had mixed opinions with bourjois mascaras before, my first mascara ever was Bourjois 'coup de theatre' which i quite liked at the time, and reletively recently I got the 1001 cils mascara, which i reviewed here:

I didn't like that ^ mascara very much but this one I'm finding better. So without any further waffle here are the pics:

OK I had to put more on this afternoon to do the pictures and it turns out you can't layer that mascara or you will get spider eyes like in my photos, I will have to add them later as my eyebrows also look awful and i could do with putting the mascara on properly! Anyway 1 coat will no way give you any definition, you need at least 3 or 4 and you have to do them all really quick before it dries. Also I don't know if the brush sticks up in that ski jump shape by itself or if that's my manipulation of it :/

The other reviews I've seen are pretty good, I find it decent but not perfect. It usually gives me a 50's lash effect as it's not very good at getting the inner corners so I get quite a winged out at the egdges look.
It is great at curling and lifting the outer lashes as well so I would give it a 6 out of 10 maybe an 7 actually because it's price makes it value for money. It's not volumising enough for me to choose as an everyday mascara though really as I like my lashes as big as possible!

Diorshow is my HG mascara and I love trying outtheir variations, so if any of you know when Extase is in the UK do tell!



Thursday, 4 February 2010

Cranberry Blush?

I love cranberry eyeshadow by MAC in all it's burnished reddy gloriousness. I have spent many a moment wishing for MAC to make cranberry into a blush, and fantasizing about what formula this blush would be:

cranberry metallic creme blush? nice thought,
mineralize cranberry? Very nice.

Why don't they make a whole collection of eyeshadow-inspired blushes? It would be gorgeous. Maybe, or it might just be me pining after what doesn't exist for the sake of it :)

Anyway this is cranberry eyyeshadow just to remind you if you don't already have it:

It's a frost, and you might not be able to see the pearlised metallic finish in that picture but it's VERY pretty.

So i thought this morning, why not just put it on my cheek?
So I did, very sparingly though as it is a very pigmented eyeshadow.
cheek picture:
I tried to take a full face photo but the lighting at work where I am and my camera don't go well together so it kept looking shadowy or refusing to focus. Stupid technology.
Surprisingly though the photos where I am looking most fed up waiting for the camera to focus are the best ones, so here are my attempts!

I am also wearing Urban Decay Naked lipgloss over the Barry M 101, I thik the gloss is discontinued now but you can still get the lipstick. It's got a pinky tone to it so I have to nude out my lips first as they are very pignented so the naked gloss just looks pink otherwise.
I have an old MSF in gold spill over my cheekbones,
My eyeliner is deep truth by MAC using the ELF eye primer & liner sealer to apply it. It's a clear liner basically that you dip into shadows to line with. I could not live without this!

I have looked at the MAC blush collection quite extensively to see if there's a cranberry-a-like, but if you think i've missed something please let me know!



Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Project 10 Pan Experience

So I have finished project 10 pan, affectionately referred to as project 10-thousand pan on my last blog whilst I was doing it. It was a bit different to most people's experience as mine was brought on by necessity of not being able to afford anything, and I had chosen beauty over food for too long!

I wasn't counting bath and shower products as I think the lesson is slightly lost when you do that-

I have 200 lipsticks and eyeshadows so I am going to stop buying them til I've used up 10 shower gels then buy more lipstick.

Where is the sense?

So this is what I've used

MAC glimmerglass in blackfire from style black
MAC cremesheen in partial to pink from Magic, Mirth& Mischief
MAC Plush Lash mascara
MAC Select moisturecover concealer NC30
MAC suntints balm in lilt of lily from baby blooms
L'oreal extra volume collagene mascara
L'oreal visible lift serum inside foundation
(not really an achievement as I have another 5 of these)
L'oreal true match powder
ELF studio liner & shadow stick, the black one
ELF studio concealer pencil&brush
(the lids hit each other now so I think that counts)
Johnson's 24hour moisturiser (didn't adore this)
Nivea soothe & protect lipbalm (again, I have another 5 so this isn't a big deal)

So as you can see, if I find another MAC thing I can do B2M as well, yay!!
Despite this usage I still can't buy things in abundance as funding will not allow at the moment but luckily I found this little lot whilst I was looking for something else (a nude gloss to go over the Barry M 101 lipstick. Gloss is still eluding me though)

So that's a whole bunch of Soap&Glory stuff i didn't even know I had, favourite body spray from Superdug, my Aussie hair mousse which I've been looking for ages for, ditto the MAC MSF natural, and also a really old boots bronzer but it looks quite cool, and extremely old YSL christmas palette. It is so cute though I'm going to use it anyway.

nb. In this closet venture I also found a saucepan that had been taken to a festival last summer (clean, thank god!) and the head of a spice girl barbie I had when i was 12. I have moved house about 5 timessince then so I don't know how that happened!

Is anyone else on P10P?



Monday, 1 February 2010

Products I Am Loving Right Now

Let's get started, i am usually a bit of a make up snob and stick to MAC and other higher end brands but these are mostly cheapy things I'm loving strangely


Barry M 101 lip paint

Why did I never get it before?! because I thought it must be rubbish if they sell it in superdrug I suppose but I LOVE it! Loads of people had told me on my last blog site to get this and until this weekend, I ignored them. But thankfully I did get it eventually :)
I thought i'd need a nude gloss over it to make it wearable but I've actually been wearing it alone and love the finish.

That is a very pose-y picture but you get the idea!


No 7 electric purple eyeshadow
I'm sort of collecting these shadows at the moment with those vouchers you get at boots lately in the UK, this is a really vivid purple, kind of like violet trance by MAC. I'm wearing it in my crease in the picture above with Tempting shadow by MAC, which is my new favourite eye shadow combinition :) I quite like the No7 shadows but there's no way I'd buy them at full price, they're not that good


Bourjois Volume Glamour mascara in Ultra Black

I thought this was going to be awful because it looks so boring and it was like £4 or something but actually, it's pretty good. This is totally going to tide me over til Diorshow Extase comes out over here. I heart Diorshow.

Butter London Nail polishes
they are pretty cool, this is 'henley regatta' which I got a couple of weeks ago, I work in a nail studio at night and loads of clients have been going for it, it's soo pretty!

That's it at the minute, there's a thousand things from MAC that I'm always loving and the same with Elf brushes but as they're not new to me it seems a bit pointless putting them in! I might do a 'my favourite brands for..' post to explain what sort of brands i use the most.

I'm still figuring out how to use this site compared to my old one, last night i tried to reply to 2 comments and it posted 44 replies from me! I really am untalented with this website lol but I am getting there