Wednesday, 24 November 2010

3 NOTD's of the moment

First off I have been in love with the MAC 'Style Clan' nail polish from the tartan tale collection

It is a bit like the infamous You don't know jaques by OPI, but it contains gold glitter so subtle that you can only see it right under a light,
if I was going to rename it I would call it - 'you don't know jaques in the dark at christmas'

Anyway, I like it.

Next- If you haven't got this polish by Nails Inc freev with Glamour at the moment (not for long) then go and get right now! Because it is Gorgeous!!!

gloves in picture are warehouse.
It is the one named 'Saville Row' or purple one in most people's case, and it comes out far darker than the bottle lets on. Resulting in lovely dirty blackcurrent creaminess

Finally, I was sent these nail art stickers and tried them out over the red polish free with Marie Claire mag last month:

I liked how they turned out, they are called 'multi' and from girls with attitude: or from boots and Superdrug

As you might have guessed I do not have a computer at the moment, and until they invent a blogspot app for iphone which actually works I am stuck with public library access!
This is why I haven't been posting, and I hate it.

There is so much stuff I've missed out on sharing with you and now it's all too passed the moment to mention:

Urban decay naked pallette (love)
barry m instant nail effects (hated)
Mac tartan tale colour collection buys
Mac haute & naughty mascara (strange relationship with that one, might still post about it!)
and a lot of other stuff.

Let me know what you're interested in seeing reviews on and I'll bear that in mind,

and a giveaway will definitely be coming when I get back online in January!!

thanks to all still here



Saturday, 9 October 2010

FOTD- She who dares

Yes I got my 'she who dares' MES from MAC Venomous Villains!

Here's a quick FOTD using the green side in the crease

Also I used the French Quarter greasepaint stick as a base but obviously you can't see that, it is a gorgeous shade though. The mineralise eyeshadow is super-glittery but very nice. It's not comparable to any loose shadows I already own, which is always my excuse for not buying MES.


Revlon Photoready foundation in 004 nude
MAC studio fix conealer in NW25
Ruby & Millie bronze coloured blusher- I forget the name and don't really like the product!


French Quarter greasepaint stick as base- from MAC venomous villains
gold e/s from a MAC christmas palette in inner third of lid
MAC Nocturnelle e/s over lid
MAC 'She who dares' green part on the crease
MAC Tarnish kohl liner lightline and lower lash line
Revlon grow luscious mascara (not sure that I like either)


ELF rose mineral lip liner
MAC nymphette lipglass

hope you liked!



Monday, 27 September 2010

Hot House Lipglass from MAC Venomous Villains

Don't you just love it when you find out you already own one of the repromoted products from a new MAC collection?

Especially the biggest one of the year!

Hot House Came out quite a long time ago with Strange Hybrid collection, so it's quite appalling I canactuallly keep make up for that long but there you go
This was actually one of my first MAC purchases! This is repromoted with the upcoming Disney Venomous Villains collection in the 'wicked queen' section

Here is a swatch:

As you can see it's quite a bright magenta with silver and purple glitter- the swatch seemed pretty accurate to be honest. It's very opaque and sticky, could just be sticky because it's such an old tube but as I remember it was always like that.

I tried to do a lip swatch but couldnt get my camera straight so you'll have to put up with my whole face haha

My picks from this new collection are going to be:

the greasepaint sticks- I love them so much I have actually finished 2 of the previously released ones so I'm definitely going back for these new ones.

She who dares
mineralise eyeshadow, I think the green and blue swirled together are going to make a gorgeous shade

I actually am not that keen on the packaging (!) of this... am I the only one that doesnt like the cartoon images? I didnt pick up anything from Liberty of London either due to that

What are you all going for in Venomous Villains collection?



Monday, 2 August 2010

Dark Nails in Summer?

This is Nails Inc 'Victoria', a colour I love but of course tend to think it's a bit dark for Summer so not very seasonal etc.

What the hell,I love it so I'll wear it anyway.

Then I see it is exactly the same colour as summer cherries!

cool huh

Sorry been MIA for so long, lack of access to a desktop computer is inhibiting my photo posting abilities!

Do you have any favourite nail colours that you wear all year round, no matter what?



Sunday, 27 June 2010

Sedona Lace your face with NV Beauty

Well well, I am cutting it pretty fine with the timing of this competition entry aren't I, Nicole?!

In a rush as always but here we go:

This is my inspiration picture of the lovely sedona sunset over trees:

And here's the look

I realise the forrest style false lashes are obscurring the eye make a bit so I did two pics where you can hopefully see the blue, purple and coral sunset shadows

Hopefully you guys can see that, the eye lid work is supposed to represent the beautiful sky colours, the lashes of course are done to make them look like the trees underneath.
I also took inspiration from the chalky texture of the glittering orange cliffs and decided to take that onto the cheek contouring and highlighting:

Not the most flattering photo of my face but you should be able to see what I'm going on about with the cheeks!

Finally two more just for effect really, me goofing around a bit!

Hope you like it



Saturday, 12 June 2010


Sorry for the long absence girlies, Here's my much overdue mascara comparison between
Dior Extase and the much cheaper L'oreal Volume Million lashes

There they are side by side, they give quite a similar effect, I think the only difference is that the L'oreal mascara makes the lashes much more seperated and fluttery and the Dior has a slight tendency to clump.

The brushes:

L'oreal at the top, Dior at the bottom
I usually despise plastic mascara brushes but the effects of the L'oreal are (sorry for ridicuolous pun) Worth it!

Ok so it's been mentioned to me that my eye lashes are so long that me doing a mascara review is pointless- not so, here is a rather horrid pic of my eye sans eyeliner and mascara


So here we go:

L'oreal Volume million Lashes x4 coats (I like to test products to the max!)

You don't have to go as mad as I do with it but it really catches every lash and adds volume subtely as you build the second coat, and looks impressively like false lashes.

Dior Extase x4 coats

See it's clumpiness? Not bad for that many coats but still for £23 I was expecting endless joyful applications without clumping. I love Dior mascara usually and before I got the Loreal one this was pretty much up there with my faves, but now I definitely prefer the Volume Million Lashes.

Although it has to be said the Extase does curl your lashes for you so points for that :)

Also I picked up Maybelline Lash Stiletto Voluptuous, having loved the original lash stiletto mascara and waited eagerly for the volumising version to be released in the UK, I have to say Don't Bother. It is a very dry version of the original and that is all.

Any new mascara recomdations for me?

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

MAC Pret a Papier Look and Haul

Late as ever with this haul but I did go for a few items from pret a papier this month and have only just got round to showing you what I've been doing with them: Here's my first look

So I got (*and am wearing)
*Coral Crepe paint pot
*dressmaker dressmaker l/s
*NW20 chromagraphic pencil
Pret a Papier l/g (picture at end)

Aren't they lovely. On the swatches below dressmaker l/s and coral crepe p/p look identical but the paint pot is a bit more orange; from the swatches I'd seen online before purchasing I was expecting a much redder colour from the paint pot but I still like it, and I LOVE dressmaker dressmaker lipstick, it's so pretty I've been wearing it all month!

l-r: coral crepe, dressmaker dressmaker, pret a papier, nw20 pencil

And here's the lipglass with the look instead, it's over 'sunset' lipstain marker in this pic

Products used in my look:

FACE- Ruby & Millie foundation
MAC studio finish concealer
17 blush &glow blusher in peaches & cream
strobe cream (mistake clearly judging by my super shiny-like-plastic face!- I powdered immediately after the photos haha)

EYES- Coral crepe paint pot as base
nanogold e/s in iner 3rd
tempting e/s in outer 3rd
carbon e/s in outer V
NW20 pencil in waterline, tear duct and brow highlight
BlackLine pearlglide liner
Diorshow exstase mascara- review coming

Lips either dressmaker dressmaker alone or sunset lipstain marker with pret a paper gloss in the darker photo

I don't know why MAC have brought out such an autumnal looking collection in Spring but I'm really liking corals at the moment, so I like it.

Did you get anything from MAC this month?



p.s- Sarah I am posting your prize any day now!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The Winner Is....

Thank you to those of you who entered my first giveaway- there weren't many of you meaning you all had a really good chance!

Reminder of the prize:

The 17 nautical but nice gift set

The Winner waschosen at random using

So the Winner Is...........


Well done girlie, email me your address at so I can send you the prize!



Sunday, 9 May 2010

Nails Inc with Diet Coke!

Nails Inc polishes free with Diet Coke! Erm, yes please, I didn't even think about it when I saw this offer in Boots today and immediately bought 4 500ml bottles of diet coke to pick up 2 FREE Nails Inc colours. And yes, the other two colours I saw in the offer will be making an appearance in my collection this week too :)

I think this is justified as I would usually buy this much cola anyway

So here are the 2 colours I picked out and comparisons for you, starting with the 'nude' shade, London

It's a lovely nude 'greige' as they're calling it nowadays, quite a cappucino colour. This is what I hoped the mink shade would be which is free with InStyle magazine in the UK at the moment. InStyle were kind enough to send me that shade with the magazine but as you can see from the following comparisons, mink and London are nothing like eachother: mink is much more pink/brown toned and london more grey/lilac.

For some annoying reason my laptop's refusing to rotate images so they are sideways, but thats diet coke london at the top, then Zoya 'felicity' then Instyle mink then Zoya 'Hermina'. The two Zoya ones look like the same colour family as the Nails Inc when you see them on the website, but in person they're nothing alike.

Next up: Nails Inc Milan

This should have been called 'coca-cola red' as it is exactly that shade. I'm not sure if these diet coke colours are repromotes from the stndard line but in a diet coke branded bottle? Entirely possible. Milan is a cherry-ish red and it's a dead ringer for Stella by Zoya

Again, probably a sideways photo but that is Zoya Zsa Zsa, Stella, Nails inc Milan, then Zoya Gia. Gia is much more orange toned than the others, it's a true fire engine red which I actually had to use for my manicurists' exam years ago! Milan is a pink toned red in comparison, although the photo probably makes all those polishes look pretty orange.

Have any of you picked up these polishes with a diet coke yet?



Thursday, 6 May 2010

Baby-Soft Hair?

I've been using this shampoo for about a week and the above pics are the results.
It's not marketed as an 'age-defying' hair product but it should be- my hair feels exactly like it did when I was a child: silky soft and bouncy.
And, unexpectedly- wavy!

It is:


In the pictures my hair has been washed and left to dry naturally, no styling products were used at all, considering I usually use about 4 things to get my poker straight hair to be voluminous and wavy, I am seriously impressed!

Here's what Schwarzkopf say:

With research showing that damaged hair is on the rise, indulge your hair with new Gliss Shea Cashmere Shampoo and Conditioner from Schwarzkopf.
Containing a unique nourishing formula with Shea Butter and Cashmere protein, this brand new Shampoo and Conditioner provides intensive care for dry, lifeless hair to give inimitable moisturising benefits and 100% suppleness.
New Gliss Shea Cashmere Shampoo and Conditioner is priced at £1.99 RRP

And what I think:

It also reminds me a bit of the L'occitane shea butter shampoo in it's texture and lather when you're using it, it's very rich and creamy.

If you have oily hair I would give it a miss as the shampoo is so rich, but it's working well for me and I have normal (if not very flat) hair with dry ends naturally. If you have dry hair I would think this would be particularly nice.

It has a heavy feel to it which lasts on your hair throughout the day- now for me, that makes my fine hair look fuller, but I can imagine if you have thick, oily hair this would weigh it down more.

I was going to post a picture of my hair when I was 3 so you could see that it looks the same as now haha but it didn't really work out tech-wise. The shampoo does remind me of baby shampoo though and I don't really know why... It doesn't smell like baby shampoo or anything, it smells like shea butter but there you go, maybe it's just me :)

I haven't got the conditioner but I can't wait to try it if it's anything like the shampoo so I'll give you an update when I find that in stores :)



Gliss Shampoo was sent to me for review but everything mentioned in this post is my honest opinion- I think that's obvious from my usual rambling but I feel like I have to say that!

Monday, 3 May 2010

FOTD for bank holiday

Eugh, I have a mad cold right now which always makes me want to glam up more and try to ignore it.

I thought I'd use some of my limited edition stuff which always tends to get forgotten about once the collection's over:

Revlon Photo ready foundation in 'nude'
Bobbi Brown creamy concealer & corrector
Elf all over colour stick in 'pink lemonade'
MAC MSF in goldspill to highlight


ELF Studio eye primer part of the primer & liner sealer stick
Nanogold, cranberry, beauty marked eyeshadows
Kohl Power pencil in 'raven'
cream colour base in 'pearl' as brow highlight
Rimmel professional eyebrow pencil in dark brown
Diorshow Extase mascara

Lipstain marker in runway ripened
Dazzleglass Creme lipgloss in Amorous

I love Amorous gloss over the raspberry lipstain and that diorshow mascara is anazing- full review coming soon. Just look at my lashes in the top photo!!

Do you forget about your limited edition beauty buys or do they become your staples?



Thursday, 29 April 2010

First Giveaway!

Here's my first little giveaway:

You get a mini blue eyeliner, a red nail polish and a turquoise shimmery eyeshadow in a cute tin which you can see on my 'Boots 17 finds' post, for some reason the tin photo I took for this photo kept coming out upside down!

This is the close up of the eyeshadow

Rules are simple:

1: Subscribe to me if you aren't already
a subscriber
2: post a link in your sidebar to this post
3: Write 'enter me' in the comments!

I did get the products out of the packaging to photograph them for this post but haven't used or actually touched the products at all.

As the item was free I will ship internationally to possibly give someone who doesn't have access to 17 in their country a chance to try it, the winner will be chosen at random.

Good Luck!



Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Barry M pastel nail paints

I may be wrong but I think some of these are the 'ice cream' colours which have been much talked about lately, the barry M website displays both 'berry ice cream' and 'pale purple' so I don't know about that one. Hmmm very confusing.

Anyway on the bottle we have:
Pale Blue 306, Pale Yellow 307 and Pale purple 308- those numbers do correspond with the ice cream colour codes on the website but the names do not, and yes, I bought them in Superdrug not some dodgy internet place!

The are all much darker than I imagined, if you want true pastel ice cream shades try the China Glaze up&away collection polishes, they are 10 times more pastel than these are! Here's the Barry M's close up:

Saturday, 17 April 2010

NOTD- Essie Chinchilly

This is like You don't know Jaques!'s pastel baby!

I've never had an Essie polish before, in the salon I work in we use Zoya, and I've always had a love for OPI and China Glaze, and the occasional dabble with MAC, Chanel and Barry M polishes. It's fair to say I am a nail polish snob and have high standards but this hasn't dissapointed.

I'd read about this pale taupy colour for a while and thought it was time to pick it up, my pictures aren't doing it justice to be honest- it's much more pastel in person.

In Sunlight it's taupe tendencies are more apparent:

If you're a fan of you don't know Jacques by OPI then you have to pick up this little honey for Summer.
As with all Salon polishes you have to use two coats to get the true colour out.

Are there any more Essie colours I should be on the look out for?



Tuesday, 13 April 2010

FOTD- Art Supplies Lipstain

I'm loving the MAC Art Supplies lipstain marker I picked up last week so thought I'd do this FOTD with it, I paired 'Runway Ripened' lipstain marker with a bit of balm on top and went for a neutral eye but strong brows, here's the kit:

Revlon photo ready foundationin 'shell'
Bobbi Brown creamy concealer and corrector
Elf all over cover stick in 'pink lemonade'

Rimmel professional eyebrow pencil in dark brown
Boots 17 eyeshadow trio in 'in the nude'
MAC pearlglide liner in 'Black Line' from Art Supplies
L'oreal Voluminous mascara in black

MAC lipstain marker in 'Runway Ripened' from Art Supplies
Carmex lipbalm applied after the stain had become touch dry

A close up of the lipstain itself:

I'm wearing 're-fresh mint' nail polish from China Glaze's up & away collection in case you wnated to know!

Have you tried the MAC lipstains yet?