Thursday, 1 May 2014

Latest in Beauty boxes- this is how it's done!

I have ordered latest in beauty boxes before and been happy with them. 

No, it's not surprising when they arrive because you don't have to order them if you don't like what you see. BUT when I saw the latest selection of boxes I promptly cancelled my Glossybox subscription and ordered 2 latest in beauty boxes. 

I wasn't surprised when I opened them but boy, was I excited- as was my 6 year old sister who claimed the empty black boxes for herself, she actually seemed to prefer them to the shiny pink glossyboxes! 

Beauty Mart box

Little sis wants that color bug bad... But so do I! My main motivation for buying this one was the Balmain hair perfume, what a steal in this box as its £24 RRP. I really should have looked up the ingredients because I'm allergic to almonds so I can't use it but that isn't LiB's fault. There's some great stuff right there.

Even more appealing is the Spring editors picks box:

The Dermalogica, Jurlique cream and full size eyeliner and mascara are stunning and perform really well. I love that Teez packaging! 

I read through my Glossydots summary of reviews for Glossybox and can honesty say there were no boxes in the last 12 months that I would have purchased if I knew the content beforehand. Most of them were downright disappointing and not at all worth the money, I barely hesitated before clicking the unsubscribe button.

I know it's Sod's law the next Glossybox will probably be fantastic but if they turn it around I will re-sub. And I need to remember that just because some bloggers get the good stuff doesn't mean I will! 

Also I paid for the LiB boxes on Wednesday, receive them on Saturday morning. I used to pay Glossybox around the 1st of each month and receive it any time 2-4 weeks later. 

Gone are the days of Nars highlighters and Illamasqua launches, recently it's been minuscule containers of nondescript creams and travel size (and i mean for a short trip) samples of Poundland favourites i.e. Vaseline.

I am being harsh but I'm not sorry.

Are you happy with your Glossyboxes recently? 

Do you want to see any of the Latest in beauty box products reviewed? 

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Closed- Blog Sale Time... MAC, Sleek & more

Here goes... I am trying to start afresh somewhat with my collection and make some space, so happy shopping!

Shipping to UK is £1.50 + 50p for each additional item, contact me for international shipping rates


MAC lipsticks l-r: behave yourself sheen supreme; sail la vie satin, salut! Amplified, lovelorn lustre-pending- usage as shown £6 each.
MAC Pret a papier lip glass used 5 times max £4
MAC mineralize moisture tint foundation NW20 at least 50% left £10

Sleek palettes: au natural, some usage on the lighter colours (white has hit pan) £2; Sleek bad girl palette: swatches but never used £5-sold
Sleek blushes l-r: suede, pixie, Pan Tao £4 each very light usage-sold

Sleek palette in Monaco: light usage £3. Sleek palette in Oh so special: hardly used £4-sold
Sleek face contour kit in light £3. Sleek brow kit in dark with brushes & tweezers usage as shown £3

Sleek pout polish in raspberry rhapsody- brand new in plastic covering £4
Sleek true colour lipstick l-r: papaya punch matte, pink freeze matte, naked gloss £3 each
Sleek pout paints brand new in plastic wrapping: peek-a-bloo and milkshake £5 for both or £3 each

MAC fluid lines in midnight snack (grey shimmer) and added goodness (mauve/ taupe) 75% remaining -pending £5 each
MAC graphic garden palette: usage as shown £6

Perfumes  over 50% left £8 each MAC creations perfume MV3, Vivienne Westwood Anglomania, cacharel amor amor forbidden kiss-sold
MAC paint pot in idyllic 90% left £7.

NYX nude on nude palette, swatched only, mirror has fallen off £5
L-R: eyeshadows swatched only £4 each Too Faced dirtbag, bellapierre wesek, maybe line colour tattoo turquoise forever, illamasqua pigment conquer


Estée Lauder lipstick in Tigers Eye £3; Lancôme juicy tubes in pamplemousse & Fraise used a few times £4 each; Estée Lauder mini eyeshadow quad £2; Dior mini eyeshadow quintet £2

Balmain silk perfume (for hair) brand new never used - so upset about this, I received it in a latest in beauty box which was the main reason I bought the box and it contains almond oil which I'm allergic to so I can't use it! £12
Awapuhi shine spray £5 used a couple of times 
Toni & Guy shine gloss serum 30ml £2 used a couple of times


Nail polishes brand new never used £4 each Ciate paint pot in cocktail dress, china glaze goin' my way? China glaze angel wings (£3) China glaze tinsel town

Leave your PayPal in the comments or email me for an invoice

Thanks for looking!


Saturday, 26 April 2014

Hello again

Hi everyone, 

It has been a long absence for me but I have found the urge to blog again so I've decided to surface

*shrugs apologetically & waves hello*

I have not lost interest in make up or blogs in this time period- only in writing about it, but i have been experiencing a stint of refining my make up collection; using up products and focusing on what I really need. I seem to accumulate products that might be stunning but I have too much already to appreciate.

This does mean I will be doing a blog sale pretty soon!

I doubt I'm ever going to be a one-make-up-bag-only girl but if I can get my stash fitting attractively on my 3 tier display table then I'd be pleased.

I'll leave you with my NOTD.... CND desert poppy shellac from the open road collection with shocking pink pigment (CND additives pigment in haute pink)

Im feeling Summer already! Hope to see you all very soon and thanks to everyone for still reading! 

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Glossy Box UK February 2013

It's that time again, it only seems like a week ago we got the January boxes so it must be an early shipment this month, here's what I got!

GlossyBox UK February 2013

GlossyBox UK February 2013

I was definitely surprised to see a lot of make-up in the month's Glossybox, and I have to admit a little disappointed with the brand selection as I don't recognise Micabella or Helen E cosmetics, and I DO recognise Docteur Renaud from M&S which doesn't scream luxury to me.. unless we're talking about vanilla bean & raspberry panacottas...

GlossyBox UK February 2013
L-R: cafe au lait lipstick & heart lolly; top swatch of lipstick, bottom swatch blush; terracota blush & model co eyeshadow; swatches of model co eyeshadow

Helen E cosmetics moisturising lipstick - 'cafe au lait' full size £8
As I said before, I don't know this brand and also I don't like the packaging. The dark orange colour of the bullet and hand swatch was a bit scary but once I applied it I actually really liked the colour on my skintone- so don't be too put off if you've got medium skin and you like nude lips.

MicaBella Cosmetics mineral blush sample- full size 9g £34.95
'terracotta' 0.8g sample
Mineral powder cosmetics are something I never go for, so in a way I don't mind getting them in beauty boxes because otherwise I wouldn't get to try them. Like most mineral powders I've tried this blush is very pigmented, it's also peach coloured like the lipstick. 

ModelCo eyeshadow duo- full size (trio) £18
'Bronze Goddess' sample size 2 out of 3 shades.
This is what most excited me when I opened the box, which kind of faded when I swatched it and discovered the light shade is sheer & packed for of silver glitter. This doesn't accompany the gorgeous bronze shade well at all in my opinion.

GlossyBox UK February 2013

DR Renaud Raspberry soft cream- full size 50ml £25
30ml sample
This is a rich cream for dry skin which suits me perfectly, it smells like raspberry yogurt so I'm keen to give it a try

Anatomicals You need a blooming shower! full size 300ml £5
150ml sample shower gel
I am really peeved that anatomicals shower gel now apparently contain SLS, I actually use the mango one now because it doesn't. So their decision to add the chemical has just annoyed me basically.

makeup using the modelco eyeshadows, micabella blush & helen E lipstick
I'm happy all the makeup shades I've got this month go together at least!

What did you get??

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Review: Sleek BB cream

I'm a bit skeptical of high street BB creams having been disappointed by L'oreal and 17's offerings so I hesitated to try this at first, but I'm so glad I did now with this one from Sleek MakeUp
Sleek Blemish Balm 
The packaging is nice, black and rubberized like NARS, although that has the usual issues in that it's a dirt magnet!

It calls itself a blemish balm rather than a "BB Cream" although it does say 'Be Beautiful Blemish Balm' so maybe its a BBBB cream :)

This is fantastic for dry skin, if I'm suffering with actual dry, itchy patches this is what I go for every time as it covers the redness, feels comfortable and doesn't dry them out more.

Light 01 Sleek BB cream swatched, blended partially and blended completely next to swatch

I imagine what would put most people off is the shade range in Superdrug stores in the UK: I've only seen 3 shades available (although there are 7 on the Sleek website) which are dramatically different, mine is Light 01 which was the lightest available and I'm an NW25 in Mac- a medium in most foundation colours. 

L-R: bare faced, Sleek blemish balm, finished face (no setting powder)
I take my photos next to the window and annoyingly the Sun didn't come out until I took the finished face! The product does not change colour on your face!

The finish and texture of this product is what really sets it apart from other high street BB creams, I even prefer it to Dr Jart's for this reason. Despite being very high coverage for a tinted moisturiser, it really looks and feels, to me anyway, like skin.

I think the best way to apply this is with fingers as it's quite a thick consistency for a brush.

Have you tried this BB cream, do you recommend another one?

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

GlossyBox January UK 2013

I'm very excited to be home to receive my glossybox for once as it was a total surprise! Usually I can't help myself scouring the reviews at lunch time so I normally know exactly what I've got when I get home. 

glossybox uk january 2013
But anyway not today and here's what I got:

JASON Lips Bee Healthier
£1.99 lip balm

I've never heard of this brand before but it smells like mint cream chocolates which is always a good thing

ELEMIS Fresh Skin 30ml sample
£12 (full size 100ml) Skin Glow facial exfoliator 

I'm excited to try this as I've always liked Elemis products, also the price for full size seems unexpectedly reasonable so I could see purchasing this

PAUL MITCHELL Super Strong Shampoo 100ml sample
£11.50 full size 300ml

Another decent sized sample, I'll probably use it as my travel shampoo. I've seen Paul Mitchell products used in lots of hairdressers so I have a good impression of the brand

MONU Aromatic Mask 30ml sample
£24.95 full size 100ml 

I've always liked Monu products in previous boxes and don't have many face masks on the go at the moment so another product I'm happy with.

DUCK ISLAND LIMITED body lotion 30ml sample
Mandarin & bergamont, 2 x 250ml= £24.95

There doesn't always have to be a dud product in the box but boy, is this it. Smells like bleach & lemon, tiny size- wouldn't cover one thigh! Rigid upright bottle container which makes it difficult to get the product out. POINTLESS 

We are also treated to a GlossyBox blindfold. hmmm...

This box is very skincare orientated but that doesn't bother me, Blindfold and rubbish lotion sample aside I think we got some nice goodies.

What did you get in your GlossyBox??

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

From the Lipstick Vault: 17 Hollywood

Today the lipstick vault presents:
17 mirror shine lipstick in Hollywood, a sheer, sheeny,  rosy red

I quite like 17 Mirror shines, they are balmy in texture but neither moisturising nor drying. In general the Mirror shines are very sheer, Hollywood is probably the most pigmented one- it can be built up to a bright red lip.

Have you tried these lipsticks before, what do you think?
Whats your favourite sheer red lipstick?